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The Quietus , July 1st, 2020 10:24

Support our work and get a host of perks!

Over the past few years, tQ has been kept afloat thanks to regular donations from our generous readers. To mark our twelfth birthday in September 2020, we upgraded this into a full membership system where, in return for supporting our work, subscribers are entitled to exclusive essays, podcasts and music releases, as well as a number of playlists.

You can find more details on all that here, and use the Steady checkout below to sign up. As we move into the third decade of the 21st century, we're going to be ever more reliant on direct support from you to continue bringing you the best in culture and Black Sky Thinking.

All our exclusive subscriber content can be found on the Low Culture page on our website, which you can check out here. Scroll down past the sign-up buttons to find out more about the membership perks.

Thanks for reading, and for your support.

tQ Membership Perks

Low Culture podcasts: These are available via all your usual podcast delivery platforms. If you log in to the Steady backend, you'll be able to find a URL that you can use to subscribe, just as you would with any other podcast. You can also listen via a player inside the Steady platform.

Low Culture essays: These are all in the Low Culture page linked above. The first time you access one, you'll come across the Steady paywall blocking standard users from reading the article. All you need to do to read it is log in with your Steady username and password, and you're away.

Sound & Vision releases: If you're a top tier subscriber, you'll be getting four exclusive music releases per year. These will arrive in your email inbox via PromoJukebox, a tool used by the music biz to send out promo releases. You'll be able to download the record once. Each release is exclusively available to our subscribers until the next one comes out. You can of course keep the MP3s, but please don't share them – all the audio is watermarked so we'll know where any leakiness is coming from.

Playlists: At the start of every month, we'll be sending out an email reminding you of the perks of the past four weeks and those that'll be arriving in the coming month – do look out for that. Your huge playlist of all the new music we've been loving from the past month will also come in this email, as well as being shared in the Low Culture strand on the site – here's that link again.

If you have any technical issues, the team at Steady are super helpful and you can contact them at If you have any suggestions or general queries for us, please contact us via

Thanks again, and we hope you enjoy the perks we'll be sending you in the coming years.