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GALLERY: Tom Sheehan Exhibition
The Quietus , November 15th, 2013 07:03

Ace music photographer picks out ten images from his Analogue exhibition. All photographs copyright Tom Sheehan


The Charlatans - Poole, 1999
Tom says: “This is Tim Burgess in my bathroom in a hotel in Poole, Dorset. The chaps were playing nearby the next day. We went down on the bus on the Sunday, plotted up, took ale, chatted and got ready for the next day. Some of the band went out while others sat around in the bar chatting well into the night. The late Jon Brookes was one who went out. On getting back to the hotel he found he didn't have his key. So he tried to get into his room through a window he had left open but didn’t do that good a job of it. Yes, the law ended up on his case and a night in the cells awaited the drummer.

“Doing this shot, Tim said he wanted some oil for his skin, so we went to the health club in the hotel and they helped us out. He dampened his hair and covered his face in health giving oils. The light was flying round the bathroom, off the tiles, it hit his face, cheeks and chin to create a glow. I love the intent in Tim’s face. I think we nailed it that morning.”