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GALLERY: Tom Sheehan Exhibition
The Quietus , November 15th, 2013 07:03

Ace music photographer picks out ten images from his Analogue exhibition. All photographs copyright Tom Sheehan


The Stone Roses - London, May 1989
Tom says: “Just prior to the first album coming out there was a big fuss about the Roses, and as it turned out justifiably so. They came down to a studio I used in Valentine Place off Blackfriars Road, Waterloo. They arrived “full of themselves” and a little bit of friendly banter ensued. The usual Cockney versus Northerner shite, which must be played out to ensure a good session. They were quite new to it, although having it LARGE. I was about to take up renting a studio in the same building; I asked John [Squire, guitarist] if he'd do a splatter painting for me up there and he agreed. A week later they were on a trip into rock history. I didn't meet them again for an age. I met Ian when he went solo, he remembered the whole session; he has an amazing memory.

“I love this shot of them. They were a band who needed little encouragement but needed to put their stamp on the proceedings. I love that little battle.”