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Quietus Mix 38: The Industrial Routes Of Dave I.D.
The Quietus , July 21st, 2011 13:41

Dave I.D. shows where he digs up stern soul in this excellent mix

Popular myth has it that industrial is a genre of hard edges and monochrome, the only sensuality delivered by rough angry Germans in dark basements where chains rattle, leather creaks, and the moans are anguished. This is of course nonsense. Dave.i.d. realises this more than mouth - the unassuming South Londoner has taken the rough ore of his influences - Liars, Neubauten, TG - and hammered and burned and melted and moulted a very new form: soulful, yet still intense and tough. This is his mix of those stern influences that can be heard in his sound, Skinny Puppy to DAF to Neubauten to TG and more.