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The Quietus Launches New Radio Station
Laura Blake , September 1st, 2017 07:56

We're marking our ninth birthday with an all-day radio station featuring some of our pals and artists we love. Tune in on September 1st

The last week in August marks the anniversary of the day when the newly-launched Quietus website went fully independent way back in the summer of 2008. This means that our tenth year of operation is now fast approaching and, this year, we’ve decided to do something to celebrate it. So on Friday 1st September we’re hosting a Day Of Radio from tQhQ, broadcasting from 9am to 9pm. Put together with our producer the Mighty Laura Blake this will mark the 50th Quietus Hour since we started them last year, and an opportunity to thank you, our listeners and readers, for the donations that have kept us going through 2017

We’ve got some of our good pals and special guests coming throughout the day, from Fat White Family to sex and surrealism with Lone Taxidermist, talk about immigration and music with Nadine Shah to far-out explorations with Steve Davis & Kavus Torabi, along with The Other Woman with Ruth Barnes and Piney Gir, Foreign Beggars Pavan & Pravin Mukhi selecting Indian underground metal, Jennifer Allen blasting foghorns and weird sounds from Japan and, finishing things off, The Last Skeptik & friends talking production. We’ll also be doing a special 50th Quietus Hour with John and Luke, featuring some of our favourite new music and, no doubt, some bangers from the past decade.

Visit the website where it'll all be taking place to find out show timings and more. On the same page you can find links to all our past episodes, including Quietus Hour specials with the likes of Shirley Collins, John Lydon, Cosey Fanni Tutti, Gary Numan, Stewart Lee, Regis, Warren Ellis and many more. Here's the schedule for The Quietus Day Of Radio on September 1st!

9am - Lone Taxidermist

Start the day with sex, electricity, foley, deserts and surrealism... or 60 minutes of cake sploshing ASMR sounds from Natalie Sharpe.

10am - The Other Woman

Ruth Barnes and Piney Gir delve deep into The Other Woman archive bringing some hidden gems to The Quietus Radio Hour.

11am - Nadine Shah

Celebrating her new album, Holiday Destination, Nadine Shah presents a show with music and conversation around immigration.

12pm - The Quietus Hour 50th Anniversary Special

Quietus founders Luke and John present the 50th episode of The Quietus Hour in a two hour special marking nine years since they started the slow and interminable slog of running an independent music website. So expect the usual excellent new music and passable chat and remember that if you want to have a track played on the show you can ring THE PERSUADER - dial 020 33 93 63 95 at any point before the broadcast and demand a tune. Remember, we respond to threats of violence.

2pm - Pavan & Pravin Mukhi

An insight into India’s hidden and underground death and black metal scene from Pavan and Pravin from Foreign Beggars & Par Excellence.

3pm - Steve Davis and Kavus Tobari

A special version of their weekly The Interesting Alternative Show, Steve and Kavus bring you music you may never have known existed. Zeuhl, Rock In Opposition, Avant-Progressive and all stops to the dark side from the Cardiacs man and snooker champion turned sonic astronaut.

4pm - Up the Workers

While John and Luke deal with their caffeine crash there’s a coup in the office as tQ staffers Anna Wood, Christian Eede and Paddy Clarke take control of the airwaves, playing the music they love and need to share, giving them a rare possibility to sneak a couple of non-Quietus tracks in perhaps? Who knows.

5pm - THERE ARE FOGHORNS IN JAPAN with Jennifer Allan

Jennifer Lucy Allan loves two things: foghorns and Japanese underground music. By the end of the hour, so will you. She'll be playing the world's best foghorns, from lightships in Canada to Cornish trumpets, along with a hand-picked greatest hits from the Japanese underground: psychedelic jams, endless riffs and plenty of dirty feedback.

6pm - Fat White Family

Saul of Fat White Family is joined by his Insecure Men bandmate Ben Romans-Hopcraft for an hour of teatime friendly chat and tunes to play to all the family while their fish fingers are under the grill.

7pm - The Last Skeptik & friends

Ahead of the release of his new album This Is Where It Gets Good, the infamously outspoken electronic producer The Last Skeptik joins The Quietus for an hour of exclusives, classics, songs that inspired him, and a few wondrous guests along the way.