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Quietus Radio: Music & More For February 2011
Luke Turner , February 28th, 2011 13:27

John and Luke present their second radio programme. Go below for music and nonsense

It's time for the second of our new radio series, recorded on a Friday in a room in Marylebone. This time, we play the best new music (My Disco, Factory Floor, PJ Harvey, Orchestre Polyrhythmo De Cotenou, Flats, Electric Wizard, Alexander Tucker, Deathrcrush, Six Organs Of Admittance some Queen and of course our regular features Disco For The Bearded Man and Metal For The Tattooed Lady. John and Luke also discuss interview disasters, such as the time John got stabbed, why one man's noise is another's balm, Destroyer, voodoo, and Queen dressing down the Sex Pistols. Thanks as ever to the Noble Paul Noble of Pop Up Radio for producing. Oh, and apologies for the crackling sound. It was either a shrew in the pipes eating a back of crisps, or John insisting in playing Operation during the recording.