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LISTEN: New My Disco
Luke Turner , October 18th, 2012 11:09

New track now streaming... band promise "hour of power" at Lexington gig. Pic Dave Ma.

My Disco are releasing a limited-edition 12" (via Temporary Residence) to coincide with their current European tour, which stops off for a Quietus-promoted date at the Lexington in London next Tuesday, October 23rd (tickets here). We've already told you about the bonus tracks that's like a dream team of Quietus racketeers - the Factory Floor Cliffe House remix by Dom Butler, and something brutal from JK Flesh - but now it's time to bring you the original. You can listen to 'Wrapped Coast' (which looks to be the title track of their next album) above. The track loses none of My Disco's mastery and love of rhythm (there's a nice techno hi-hat buried in there), but adds a whole lot more, with a dense haze of noise and squelching distortion. It is very good indeed, and we can't wait to hear it live next Tuesday... and dropped Ben Andrews a line to find out what they've been up to.

Ben Andrews: Well, its been a hectic month to be honest. We have just recorded some new material for a release early next year, we have toured the east coast of Australia, played a gallery show in Melbourne, and are about to play with Shellac of North America. Then we leave for Europe for a couple of weeks of back to back touring.

When did you record the new material? There's a denser feel to the music, perhaps noisier. What's shaping your new directions?

BA: We recorded the Wrapped Coast LP in April (or maybe february?!) earlier this year anyways. We did a few shows here in Australia and it just seemed to work out that we had a few new ideas that we wanted to put down for a release in late 2012. And honestly, thats all those songs were, simple ideas that we kind of wrote out as we tracked them in the studio. It was pretty refreshing, and so we are trying a bit more of that when we go back into the studio to track some more songs early next year.

The record comes with a b-side from Factory Floor, a nice vinyl re-enactment of our Quietus gig two years ago. How did the remix come about, and what do you like about FF?

BA: That live show that we did together a few years back was phenomenal! FF are just a great live band, not what i expected when id heard their recorded material. Just pummeling. So I guess we asked Dom from the band to remix a track for us, and he sorted us out straight away which was awesome. Their remix is actually the first song in our set on this tour.

What has been inspiring you lately?

BA: We only talk and think about two things in this band we recently decided. Low-end, as in, 125 hz and below in the audio spectrum, but mainly focusing on 40 - 63 hz as a general rule - and women. Mostly complaining about the both, but sometimes they can be the most inspiring two things on this planet.

What are My Disco's plans for 2013?

BA: At this stage, more recording! A few Australian dates that we are yet to announce over the late Australian summer, but mostly recording for a new record. We are not sure what that record will be exactly, but we are positive on it being like nothing else we have ever entertained.

What can Quietus readers expect from next week?

BA: Quite a nice and varied range of Kentucky Bourbons at the Lexington main bar if I remember correctly. Upstairs it will be an hour of power though....