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Quietus Mix 007: Gatekeeper Present Visualizer
Luke Turner , January 13th, 2011 07:12

Chicago electro maestros hop the genres

When I was DJing before Teeth Of The Sea's London headline gig last week, there was only one song with which to usher them onto the stage. That was Gatekeeper's 'Chains', taken from their recent 10" Giza (read John Calvert's review here). In many ways, Gatekeeper are the electronic ying to ToTS cosmic rock yang - psychotropically damaged, with a taste for the cinematic that exists not merely in pulsar-drive epic songwriting, but the influence of the work of one Vangelis. Gatekeeper have concocted a superb mix for us that manages to encompass Chris Carter and Enya - something that can't have happened too often in the history of recorded music. Listen and enjoy below: