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Gatekeeper Present: Hail Giza With A YouTube Video Mix
Luke Turner , December 3rd, 2010 07:15

Purveyors of soundtrack-infected electro bangers Gatekeeper celebrate brilliant new EP Giza with a mix of cosmic curious from the depths of YoutTube

Gatekeeper photo courtesy of Jerónimo Jiménez H of Mexico City.

A Walk in the Zone

Fulfill your innermost desires in "the zone". New Age rainforest composer Robert Rich somehow teams up with Tarkovsky on this one, via YouTube fan. Watching it alone late at night is a pretty amazing experience... when it comes to sci-fi, Tarkovsky cannot be beat. Russian metaphysics, the total displacement of space and time, drawing beauty from the inexplicability of reality. YES!

Orbital - Omen (1990)

If you can get over the holographic blazers and backwards baseball caps (which are secretly amazing) you'll be rewarded with some hypnotic early techno from Orbital. The gated tremolo choir is really cool.


THIS IS THE MOST AMAZING LIVE SET UP EVER. Premium digital synths amidst ancient temple ruins. MIDI Emulator chiffs and DX7 FM bell stabs make this bizarre groove somehow sad and powerful. The cut aways towards the end of Ryuichi's spiritual crisis while on vacation add some nice plot development.... pretty deep!

H R Giger - Occult Experience

If this short documentary about H R Giger's experience with the occult isn't good enough already, it seems like they layered together a few different intros from Jean Michel Jarre songs (off the 'Zoolook' album) to make the soundtrack. 16bit sampled vocal breaths and airbrushed bio-mechanical spinal chords always go well together. We really wish this guy could design our studio.


Fatima Al Qadiri is one of our favorite contemporary artists. This video, with re-pitched mystical vocal-scapes and deceptions of Carl Sagan holding irrational shapes (the tesseract, an object that exists only in the fourth dimension) completely blew our minds when we first came across it.

Crop Circles are the work Light Orbs (Conclusive EVIDENCE)


Millioniser 2000 Promo Video, England 1983

Too bad they don't still make commercials like this. Actually, its really too bad they don't still make MIDI instruments like this. If we had a Millioniser 2000 we'd of course go straight to the pan flute preset... it might really help out our live show. Unfortunately it seems like there are only 10 of these in actual existence and Ebay definitely doesn't have any.

Amazing Anti-Gravity Illusion

We are way into slightly questionable special effects. We work closely with our friends/FX crew Thunderhorse for stage effects at our live shows, and take a lot of inspiration from YouTube FX test videos like this one... stay tuned for the toxic slime demo.

Giza is released on December 13 via Merok, and comes with a super limited hand-made VHS tape containing a video for each track. Hand over cash for product here