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Quietus Mix 006: Fostercare's Angel Ov Fire Hear Me 2Nite
Luke Turner , December 9th, 2010 10:12

Fostercare moves beyond the witch house tag with this terrific mix

Last night, the Quietus had the pleasure of playing records around a surprise set from Fostercare in the strange backroom of a boozer where that excellent treacly and potent export Guiness flowed freely. Fostercare's performance of crackling live electronics and narrative vocals strangely reminiscent of Underworld's Karl Hyde were a fine prep for this fantastic mix. Although he's seen as an operator on the Witch House movement, Fostercare's music moves beyond those limitations. As you'll hear from his mix, there are processed vocals a-plenty alongside atmospherics that are dark and dislocated, like walking across a field at night with only your head above the mist. Yet there's pop here too, electronics that wander towards harder places, hints of dubstep, and perhaps most surprising of all, a soothing balm from John Rutter and Bjork.