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LISTEN: New Fostercare
The Quietus , February 24th, 2012 09:51

Track on our Soundcloud, LP details

The stink of the witch house cauldron is a strong one that, here and there, still pervades into 2012. Thankfully, some of those who were active in the better end of the genre are starting to emerge with new music far from those nodding-off beats and lazy synth wash. Step forward Fostercare, who will be releasing his new album Altered Creature via the Robot Elephant label on April 30th, 2012. The record was apparently recorded in mammoth 16-hour sessions and is inspired by anything from porn "post humanism and fetish societies" and "Deleuzian and Zizekian trajectories of thought", which sounds bold. We've got the album's opening track, 'The Empire Will Drain U' streaming on our Soundcloud... it's a hectic, dystopian beast, a flashing nocturnal blur that manages to take in Suicide, the aggression of Nitzer Ebb, and the soaring grace of Simple Minds' 'Theme From Great Cities' in just over four minutes.