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Patrick Wolf: A Quietus Session And Interview
Luke Turner , November 13th, 2009 08:13

Listen to Patrick Wolf chat and play in the Quietus studio

A couple of weeks ago, Patrick Wolf braved the cauldron of colds and sniffs that is the Quietus HQ to pop into our secret basement studio to record a session with producer, Bearded James Nicholls. Hopping on a Wurlitzer we happened to have lying around, Patrick played a version of his Bachelor track 'The Sun Is Often Out' and a cover of Joni Mitchell's 'All I Want'.

In between, Quietus Luke and Mr Wolf had a chat about the inspiration behind 'The Sun Is Often Out', snogging and singed fannies in the "romantic" new video for next single 'Damaris', this weekend's concert at the London Palladium (where Patrick is excited to be getting the Judy Garland dressing room) and his love of the music of Marc Almond (though sadly the Soft Cell singer is now unable to join Patrick onstage at the Palladium show). To listen to the session tracks and hear the interview with Patrick, just hit play on the Soundcloud device below:

Patrick Wolf - In Session on the Quietus by user8060070