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We Welcome Spring With A Seasonal Spotify Playlist
The Quietus , March 6th, 2009 11:39

The Quietus celebrates the end of winter in our weekly Spotify playlist

I recently acquired a barometer that dates from the late nineteenth century. Made by noted instrument manufacturers Negretti and Zambra, it remains in fine fettle even after a hundred years. The thin brass needle of the barometer has become not only a very accurate indicator of the day's weather, but also of mood. If it turns gaily to the right towards the fussy Victorian script that reads "fair", my mind is of a disposition as bright as the cracks between the venetian blinds. If it plummets toward the rather more gothically-tinged "change", it's difficult not to approach the forthcoming day with a scowl. But lately that little harbinger has been spending a lot more time veering to the right, heralding the coming of spring.

April is the coolest month. Or do we now mean March because of global warming? Anyway, T-shirts are being retrieved from the back of the cupboard and the scarf, the gloves and the thermal long johns are about to be banished again. At The Quietus bunker we have recently emerged from the foxhole of winter, blinking into the sunshine. All over the green spaces of London the frozen earth is being invaded by colourful razor slashes of the crocus, the daffodil, the bluebell and the snowdrop... just in time to be trampled to death by an absent minded fat man in a tracksuit eating a kebab. The sap is rising and now that weather inspired suicide has become, temporarily, a thing of the past, young people are now thinking of sex instead of cashing their chips in. Old ladies will give sweets to bus drivers, furrow browed thugs in Wetherspoons pubs will think twice about murdering you for the price of a pint and the walk to work will seem enjoyable rather than a Stone Age fight for survival. Until it starts raining, that is.

So to celebrate the awakening of mother nature from he slumbers, this week's Spotify mix is dedicated to the songs of spring.

Click here to listen to the Quietus Spring-themed Spotify mix, and then make your suggestions in the comments field below. [Note: There seems to be an issue with opening Spotify playlists in the new version of Firefox. It's fine in IE]

Expect music from: Patrick Wolf, Depeche Mode, The White Stripes, Brian Eno, Belle & Sebastian, Billie Holiday, Lamb, Brakes, Mott The Hoople, The Jesus and Mary Chain, Tom Verlaine, Archie Bronson Outfit, The Cinematic Orchestra, Rammstein, Baba Zulu & Mad Professor, and the Afghan National Orchestra.