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The Quietus Hour Show 38: Unsolicited Medical Advice
Patrick Clarke , May 22nd, 2017 19:28

After a sea of special guests, our radio show returns to 'normal' this week, as John and Luke offer a cornucopia of new music, as well as unsolicited 'medical advice' and other assorted blather.

John Doran and Luke Turner are back with unsolicited "medical advice," wedding blather, and talk of the evolution of drummers' physiques. They also play some of their favourite new music from Circle, Pasteur Lappe, Nadine Shah, Gnod, MXLX, Madonnatron and Re-TROS.

Producer Seb White makes a song choice and an oratorically majestic on air appearance in our new segment The White Stuff.

This episode also sees the return of The Persuader, where you, dear listener, can try your upmost to convince us to play a song of your choosing. You can call our hotline at 020 33 93 63 95 and leave a message.