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A Quietus Hour Special: With Thurston Moore
Patrick Clarke , April 20th, 2017 09:59

John Doran presents a Quietus Hour special, with the one and only Thurston Moore in conversation and on song selection duties. They talk Buddhism, noise casettes, near death experiences in Stockholm and more.

Today’s Quietus Hour Special is brought to you by John Doran, who had the pleasure of talking to Thurston Moore. The rock musician, free improviser, serial collaborator, independent publisher, poet and righteous dude met up with us in Ladbroke Grove to talk about his great new solo album Rock N Roll Consciousness, Buddhism, noise cassettes, near death experiences in Stockholm and hanging out with My Bloody Valentine and the Mary Chain in the 1980s.

Thurston has chosen all of the music for the show, including deep cuts from Boredoms, Trash Kit, Menstruation Sisters, Sick Llama, Ela Orleans, Bridget Hayden, Bruce Russell, 16 Bitch Pile Up and Lasse Marhaug. Thanks, as always to the Mighty Seb White and the good folk at Caroline International for providing the studio.