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The Quietus Hour: Better Late Then Never It's Episode 23
Luke Turner , November 3rd, 2016 09:49

After our Simon Reynolds special John and Luke return with The Quietus' better than average radio programme

Due to being taken ill after a pork overdose in Poland during Krakow's amazing Unsound Festival there's been a bit of a delay in The Quietus Hour coming online for the past few weeks. For this we apologise but assure you that this new show is well worth the wait, as it is stuffed with passable chat and the best new music. We've got a Middle Eastern stormer from Kalbata to open up before great tracks by Solange, Membranes remixed by the Manics, Shirley Collins, Betty Harris, Mutado Pintado, Zsa Zsa Sapien and Admirals Hard interspersed with John and Luke making themselves look preposterously out of touch and old as they chat about their younger years wearing ladies' blouses, how awful the Home Counties were in the 1990s, the joy of Southend, the awful idiocy of #properindieforthelads and Liam Gallagher, Simon Cowell flashing his tiny todger but the far bigger and better ones we've seen in rock PLUS exclusives from Bon Iver and the aforementioned Liam G. AND! Will we play someone a track of their dreams for THE PERSUADER?!