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The Quietus Hour: Episode Five Of Our New Radio Show
Luke Turner , May 12th, 2016 09:41

John and Luke return with The Quietus Hour, something more than 60 minutes of new music and chat, produced by Seb White

Now then. That’ll teach us to be cocky, won’t it? Just when we though that The Quietus Hour was gliding forth smoothly with a four week run of programmes everything went to hell in pieces on a handcart. Our producer Seb was violently attacked by a bus and both Luke and John got ill, which means we missed a week. Apologies. To make up for this cock-up we’ve hit on the idea of live streaming every episode of The Quietus Hour via our Facebook page. We did this yesterday, with hundreds of people tuning in to watch the show in real time and low quality, extra chat between the songs. They all admired our mugs. For those of you listening to the HQ Mixcloud version, you get the full fat music which this week comes from an absolute monster of a tune by The Bug and Riko Dan, Amber Arcades, Wrangler, Dawn Richard, Oddisee, The Oscillation and Odd Nosdam. We’ve also got The Persuader - will someone who’s called 020 33 93 63 95 be able to persuade us to play a song? (Do ring for next week) a look at the important music news AND will we have found another cover of D’ya Think I’m Sexy? Tune in above and visit our Facebook page next Wednesday for the live broadcast.