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Baker's Dozen

Earth's Dylan Carlson Discusses His 13 Favourite Albums
The Quietus , February 20th, 2012 07:26

With Earth's new album Angels Of Darkness & Demons Of Light Volume II out now, band mainstay Dylan Carlson selects his 13 favourite albums for your perusal


Fairport Convention -Unhalfbricking
Fairport Convention -Liege & Lief
Fairport Convention -What We Did On Our Holiday

All three albums are pure magic, and I could run out of superlatives trying to talk about them. My favourite rendition of 'Reynardine' as well as a great 'Tam Lin'. 'Sailor's Tale' has probably been the biggest influence on the most recent Earth records, 'Meet On The Ledge' is so fucking good. 'Cajun Queen' is rocking in all the right ways, everybody is firing on all cylinders on these tracks. 'She Moved Through The Fair' is so good and so scary and so sublime. 'The Lord Is In This Place And This Place Is Terrible...' is pure witchery, 'Come All Ye Rolling Minstrels' is the finest mission statement of any band, and 'Farewell' and 'Madman Michael' are the two saddest songs of all time.