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Baker's Dozen

Earth's Dylan Carlson Discusses His 13 Favourite Albums
The Quietus , February 20th, 2012 07:26

With Earth's new album Angels Of Darkness & Demons Of Light Volume II out now, band mainstay Dylan Carlson selects his 13 favourite albums for your perusal


UFO - Strangers In The Night

Before I talk about this greatest of live rock & roll records, I have a short polemic on why the world sucks so bad these days. Seattle - UFO is playing with almost the entire original line-up (minus Mr Schenker - Vinnie Moore is the only 'new' member, but he's good, so it doesn't really matter). Pete Way had been deported when they were originally supposed to be in town, but is back with Mr. Mogg. They are playing a small rock club, El Corazon. The same night at a sold out show at a much larger venue (The Showbox) is the lead guitar player from Pearl Jam's U.F.O. 'tribute band' and their show is sold out!

WTF!? If I was in a U.F.O. tribute band and U.F.O. were in town I know where I would be! Not Playing a 'tribute show'! On to the record, 'Too Hot To Handle'! The song, the record and the in-between banter! 'Hot 'n' Ready' contains the coolest pick-up line ever, what lady could resist the following: 'You knock me out like a well oiled Smith & Wesson, hot and ready and ready to use'. I wish I had the elan to use it. 'Cherry' is the most heartfelt ode to an exotic dancer, full of magical language and imagery with total worship of the hidden goddess in all her feminine mystery, wrapped up in a hard rock candy shell for easy digestion. The Best.