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Quietus Mix 57: Dead Sound & Videohead Say 'Nice To Mince You'
Luke Turner , February 16th, 2012 09:03

Officially the nastiest mix we have ever put up by Perc Trax duo

Regular Quietus readers will know that over the past year or so we've become quite the enthusiasts of the Perc Trax label, enjoying their arc-welding together of hard-edged techno and the more militant end of industrial. Dead Sound & Videohead, two men who hail from Stoke On Trent, are the spearhead of the Perc assault, not only the hardest act on the label, but one of the most punishing artists in the UK today. Their new EP called, helpfully, Murder, continues this theme of militant intensity (read our review and listen here) with tracks that sound like the panting lungs and bloodied jowls of a titanium attack dog. Their mix for the Quietus is a similarly powerful beast; an unrelenting, unforgiving hour or so of hyperspeed dystopian techno. Just when you think there's about to be a breakdown, Dead Sound & Videohead push you further into the flashing blades and start muttering nasty shit over the top. Gird your loins, and listen beneath.