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Quietus Mix 46: Jochen Arbeit's Soundscape Archaeology
Luke Turner , October 11th, 2011 11:03

Jochen Arbeit brings his Soundscape Series to London next week. We're honoured to have the Einsturzende Neubauten guitarist curate Quietus Mix 46, a collection of collaborations that include his skateboarding son

When Einsturzende Neubauten descended on London a year ago, it was not just their grandiose and elegant exploration of their recent back catalogue at the London Forum that made it an October weekend to remember. On the Sunday night, their Evening With Einsturzende Neubauten at the Highbury Garage showed that the individual members are capable of wonderful things when splintered off from what Blixa Bargeld referred to as the "gigantic monster". Jochen Arbeit's live collaboration with Robin 'Scanner' Rimbaud was an unqualified sex, retaining a propulsive groove and stern energy despite the improvised nature of the piece.

We therefore took advantage of Jochen Arbeit's forthcoming Soundscapes performance at London's Cafe Oto on Wednesday October 19th (details here to ask him to contribute to the Quietus mix series an exploration of themes of collaboration and sonic sharing. The result can be heard below, a seamless, transportative collection of Arbeit's work with others, including the material from the performance with Scanner, and earlier pieces in the Soundscape series.

Says Jochen Arbeit of his mix: "For this mixtape I simply put together some of my favorite tracks I have been working on in the last months, plus some of my favorites from my Soundscapes Concert Series to provide a proper impression of what to expect from the upcoming show in at Cafe Oto London with Fabrizio Palumbo Modonese, Paul Beauchamp and Julia Kent. These concerts are all live improvisations and important for me nowadays because the provide a sense of freedom to produce sounds in a creative and public surrounding.

"The first song is a collaboration with Mark Spybey, who sent me the piece via the internet. I played on top of it, which I have never done before this way and I am very much looking forward to finally meeting him at one point. This will be released as one in a series of 7" singles to celebrate the 20th anniversary of his band Dead Voices On Air by Tourette Records this year. The second track is a collaboration with my son Johnny Tomin as soundtrack for a video we use for a performance piece we do together on stage. He skates and I use his sounds and play to it.

The third track is a song from Martin Bernt whose songs I produce on a regular basis and sometimes play some guitar to it. Then two tracks from my collaboration with Scanner had to be on this mix. That was very important. And to round it up some extracts from the Soundscapes Series to bring it down to a smooth end. I Hope you enjoy all these sounds as much much as I did playing and recording them." For more Jochen Arbeit, please visit his website.