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WATCH: New Minor Pieces Video
Christian Eede , October 14th, 2019 17:13

Ian William Craig teams up with singer and multi-instrumentalist Missy Donaldson for the new project

Earlier this month, singer and composer Ian William Craig teamed up with vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Missy Donaldson to launch the new project, Minor Pieces.

Releasing their debut album through FatCat Records, titled The Heavy Steps of Dreaming, the Vancouver-based pair carry over much of the elements that have made us at tQ fans of Ian William Craig's solo work, while putting to use guitar, modified tape decks, bass and synths to pull together their sound world.

Premiering above is the video for album track 'Shipbreaking'. Speaking about the track, the duo say: "When talking about 'Shipbreaking', we also talked a lot of our own experiences. There were particular memories evoked by the song and our discussions about it that we wanted to unburden ourselves of, particularly heavy things that needed to be acknowledged and moved on from, so we printed photographs of them and submerged them in secret chemicals and then filmed them as the emulsion slowly peeled off.

"We left all of the remains from previous photos in the solution once they were dissolved to swirl around with subsequent photos and so the sink slowly filled with the shattered stained glass of our own histories. It was mesmerising and humbling and emotional and cathartic all at the same time. These previously burdensome and dark thoughts at once became generous, animate and beautiful things.

"'Shipbreaking' is a warning about how easy it is to allow our own dreams to consume us and turn into something altogether dangerous - giving some of the heaviness in our past our undivided attention and allowing it space to drift seemed a fitting way to admit to some of the ways in which we ourselves have allowed that to occur in our own lives."

The Heavy Steps of Dreaming is out now and can be checked out here.