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Rockstar Ate My Videogame: A Spotify Playlist Of Pixel Hits
Chris Etches , May 15th, 2009 09:02

The Quietus grabs its joystick for a ride through a playlist of music from the best (and weirdest) video games of the past decade


Iron Maiden: 'The Trooper'
Game: Ed Hunter

Now I love The Maiden, really I do, watching a 60 foot Eddie breathing fire at Twickenham was one of my highlights of last year. However, the Maiden's very own computer game of the late 90s featuring said fire breathing Zombie will not probably be for many people be a highlight of their gaming memories. Interestingly though the game did feature an exclusive recording of 'Wrathchild' (with Dickinson on vocals) which even went on to recieve radio airplay.