Quietus Tracks Of The Year 2020

These are our favourite tracks of the last 12 months as voted for by Jennifer Lucy Allan, Bobby Barry, Aaron Bishop, Patrick Clarke, John Doran, Christian Eede, Noel Gardner, Ella Kemp, Fergal Kinney, Sean Kitching, Anthea Leyland, Peter Margasak, David McKenna, JR Moores, Luke Turner, Kez Whelan and Daryl Worthington. Illustration by Lisa Cradduck

There’s not much more I can add to what has already been said about our relationship to music in this pandemic-hit year by my colleagues Luke Turner and Patrick Clarke in their respective introductions to our lists of the year’s best albums and best reissues, compilations, mixes etc.

It’s been a year where clubs of course largely haven’t been open, and so many bangers haven’t quite realised their full potential, reduced instead to outings on the many online streams that have filled our weekends in the place of time on dance floors. Despite the lack of club spaces, festivals and general means to enjoy music together, we still opted for a list of favourite tracks of 2020 that largely follow the ABC (anthems, bangers, classics) model, a contrast perhaps to the sometimes more obscure picks that our other year-end lists can throw up. This year has been a very difficult one, but the tracks below have provided us and our contributing writers with moments of comfort in some way.

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We hope you enjoy the music below, and we look forward to sharing more with you in 2021.
Christian Eede

This chart was voted for by Jennifer Lucy Allan, Bobby Barry, Aaron Bishop, Patrick Clarke, John Doran, Christian Eede, Noel Gardner, Ella Kemp, , Fergal Kinney, Anthea Leyland, Peter Margasak, David McKenna, JR Moores, Luke Turner, Kez Whelan and Daryl Worthington


Pearson SoundAlien Mode


Sex SwingValentine’s Day At The Gym


DestroyerCrimson Tide


Moses BoydStranger Than Fiction


WranglerMachines Designed (To Eat You Up) –


Dizzee Rascal ft. Ocean WisdomDon’t Be Dumb


Tierra WhackDora


EartheaterBelow The Clavicle


Ani GlassMirores


EnnyPeng Black Girls (ft. Amia Brave)


CarolineDark Blue


John Foxx The MathsHowl




Paul EpworthSpace Inc. (ft. ISHMAEL)


Silver SphereFootball Game


Shanique MarieFreak


Abra CadabraOn Deck


Little SimzMight Bang, Might Not




Melt Yourself DownCrocodile


Robert HoodThe Struggle


Taylor SwiftExile (ft. Bon Iver)


Brontez PurnellForgive Me, Phillip


Run The JewelsOoh La La (ft. Greg Nice & DJ Premier)




Ariana GrandePositions


Digga DWoi




Clipping.Chapter 319


FauziaWhen It’s All Over (ft. Kelela)


Two ShellN35


Phoebe BridgersI Know The End


LonesawBarbed Wire Church


MezBabylon Can’t Roll


KarennShoes Off


PattenRE-EDITS: 54D3


Aksak MaboulTout A Une Fin/Everything Ends


Manga Saint HilareContraband (ft. Queenie & MicOfCourse)


The Japanese HouseChewing Cotton Wool


Porridge RadioSweet




Daniel AveryLone Swordsman


3PhazCluster Drum


Six Organs Of AdmittanceTwo Forms Moving


British Murder BoysReal Good Time Together


SAULTI Just Want To Dance


Midas The JagabanCome We Bill Ehh


Thundercat ft. Ty Dolla ign Lil BFair Chance (Floating Points Remix)


Crack CloudTunnel Vision


SenyawaIstanaPhantom Limb

One of the most compelling and uncategorisable groups around, Senyawa preview their forthcoming 2021 album Alkisah with this magnificent track. Echoes of their collaboration with Stephen O’Malley abound in the slow buzzsaw riffs that glide over stentorian chanting, and abstract rattling, like a dishwasher at the end of time.

SolaOh My LoveFuture Bounce

2020 has been a great year for woozy, lo-fi R&B. With its slurred synth stabs and stuttered breaths, ‘Oh My Love’ sounds as dreamy and slippery as a lovesick eel. Perfect for snuggling up before an evening spent watching heat-warped VHS tapes.

DJ Space HeaterBernie D’AgostinoPuss

Anyone who’s watched Uncut Gems or Wolves score a home goal in the Premier League over the last year, will likely be familiar with Gigi D’Agostino’s ‘L’Amour Toujours’, from which this gloriously silly DJ Space Heater cut heavily borrows. Mix it up with a cheeky Bernie Sanders speech sample and a banging instrumental that crosses between 2-step UK garage and bassline, and you’ve got yourself a Hoofin’ Massive Tune.

James BlakeBeforeRepublic

Lifted from the EP of the same name, which Blake described as an “homage to his London club days,” ‘Before’ pairs the reflective subject matter of much of his work from the last few years with a driving, almost euphoric instrumental.

KrustNegative ReturnsCrosstown Rebels

2020 saw D&B veteran Krust return with his first album in 14 years, and on ‘Negative Returns’, he channels producers like dBridge in the cinematic sound design and neon synths that run throughout the track.

Yves TumorKerosene!Warp

From the stoner lounge rock vibe that permeates the track to the delightful vocal interplay between Yves Tumor and Diana Gordon, ‘Kerosene!’ is a swaggering highlight of the Warp-signed artist’s latest album, Heaven To A Tortured Mind, the song reaching colossal heights as it builds to a bracing climax via Gordon’s pained croons and a soaring guitar solo.

Gary, IndianaNike Of SamothraceFire Talk

Gary, Indiana marked the New Weird Britain-adjacent group’s signing to Fire Talk this year with ‘Nike Of Samothrace’, a track reminiscent of the sort of scuzzy, rhythmic racket being made by the magnificent Special Interest crashing into early Mclusky or Liars, with Valentine Caulfield sing-speaking in her native French over the top.

ht letrnqeMaíz De Viracocha


CaribouNew JadeCity Slang

Built around chopped-up R&B vocal samples, ‘New Jade’ is perhaps the closest yet that Dan Snaith has come to making an all-out chart pop hit. Complete with his distinctive soft vocal, you can imagine the instrumental not sounding out of place with a Taylor Swift vocal during her Red era.

G SuddenSkin Get BunBokeh Versions

Sometimes the sheer fire it ignites in your speakers is enough to make a release 100% vital. That’s the case with Bunout Boss, the Bokeh Versions-released EP from G Sudden, which features Seekersinternational on production duties. The production duo’s mix of 8-bit bass lines and scattered beats is one of the most distinctive backdrops you’ll hear, and they harness it here to amplify G Sudden’s flow. Even as the lyrics tackle the hard issues of ghetto life and gun violence, tracks like ‘Skin Get Bun’ also contain escape routes from the strife. This is party music, but there’s a fierce defiance to the rowdiness.

Time Cow RTKalElephant ManEquiknoxx Music

The bangers never stop flying out of the Equiknoxx camp, and ‘Elephant Man’ was without doubt one of their best for 2020. Over producer Gavsborg’s minimalist dancehall instrumental, Time Cow and RTKal celebrate the “refreshing ‘burlesque’ flair” that dancehall legend Elephant Man brought to the Kingston scene when he broke through in the early 2000s.

Dai Freyr (Dai Gagnamagni)Think About ThingsAwal

Iceland’s entry for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest had all the right ingredients for a classic of the genre: disco beat, infectious melody, funny video, bespoke dance routine. With this year’s competition having been cancelled and it being announced that new songs will be selected for next year, Daði Freyr, frankly, was robbed.

PercFire In NegativePerc Trax

What with COVID meaning there’s no clubs in which to expose oneself to the juddering battery of Perc’s ever heavy sets, you might have expected Ali Wells’ trademark bang and crunch to sound surplus to requirements, like designing a really nifty nuclear bomber just after the signing of a miraculous global peace treaty. But actually, ‘Fire In Negative’ showcases Perc’s skill in writing tracks that are as mischievous and cheeky as they are piledrivers, providing a much needed homeopathic dose of the rave sweat on more than a few occasions in 2020.

SquarepusherTerminal SlamWarp

Escape velocity breaks and id scrambling pure acid tones, smash an escape path out of the hardcore continuum and emerge, blinking, into the dappled sunshine of reverberant synthesised future landscapes.

CalabashedOde To Jazzman John ClarkePurple City Soufflé

This track is a marvel, beginning with a breathy, wordless vocal line over heavenly flourishes of harp before Joshua Idehen’s vocals appear slowly and subtly, raising gradually in power until they become overwhelming. He recounts losing his head, the shadows running across his bed, and the time he considered stepping in front of a train. It’s vulnerable and raw, but also purge-like and triumphant.

JunglepussyMain AttractionJagjaguwar

Junglepussy’s latest album, Jp4, is an expression of pure charisma from one of the most magnetic MCs of her generation, and never does she sound more intensely magnetic than on this potent, swaggering single.

CurrentmoodgirlLove Like LasersSelf-Released

Following on from the rattling, messed up and creepy lullaby of her first ever release ‘The Letter L’, ‘Love Like Lasers’ is a total banger – think Gazelle Twin at her most dance floor friendly and you’ll be halfway there.

Ana RoxanneSuite Pour L’InvisibleKranky

‘Suite Pour L’Insivible’, the gorgeously arresting lead track from Ana Roxanne’s second album, Because Of A Flower, sees the artist channel the vulnerable vocal act of Kranky label mate Grouper. As she wordlessly coos through the track’s opening minutes, it’s impossible not to be completely enthralled by every note.

Napalm DeathAmoralCentury Media

Lifted from Napalm Death’s sixteenth studio album, the skewed grooves of ‘Amoral’ see the long-standing Killing Joke influence emerge fully in emphatic fashion, with Barney Greenway rivalling Jaz Coleman in his rabble rousing delivery,


PREGOBLIN released three outstanding singles in 2020, but ‘Gangsters’ is the best of the bunch, its grandiose Western sweep juxtaposed with its lyrics about longing not to be skint. Alex Sebley and Jessica Winter remain masters of their own theatricality.

Jessy LanzaLick In HeavenHyperdub

On Jessy Lanza’s first solo single in four years, the ’80s soul sheen that permeated much of her 2016 album Oh No returns. Built around a refrain of “Once I’m spinning, I can’t stop spinning,” it’s pleasingly catchy and yet typically subtle, carried through by Lanza’s trademark feather-light vocals.

Perfume GeniusOn The FloorMatador

2020 was the year Perfume Genius released his masterpiece, the glistening and widescreen Set My Heart On Fire Immediately. The record takes in the breadth and depth of human emotion and maximalises it, never more powerfully than on this sublimely warm and divinely danceable single.


Listening to ‘Snail’ is a little bit like hearing small children make up jokes: confoundingly surreal, deliriously stupid, yet somehow utterly compelling.

Megan Thee StallionSavage (ft. Beyoncé)300 Entertainment

Not content with simply adding a quick verse to Megan Thee Stallion’s J White Did It-produced hit, Beyoncé’s remix of ‘Savage’ is a full-blown reimagining of the original, with new verses from Megan too. Beyoncé’s presence elevates the original to a whole other level, demonstrating, as she has on a number of past occasions, that she can rap with the best of them, and have fun with it at the same time.

Soccer96I Was Gonna Fight Fascism (ft. Alabaster DePlume)Moshi Moshi

A collaboration between two Total Refreshment Centre fixtures, The Comet Is Coming and Alabaster DePlume, Soccer96’s ‘I Was Gonna Fight Fascism’ is righteous and psychedelic, an absolutely intergalactic kosmische instrumental underpinned by jaw-dropping drums, with DePlume on vocals ripping apart every excuse you ever made for not standing up against the far right. “I was gonna fight fascism, but I just don’t think the left-right political spectrum really applies in the modern age,” he sings in a hilarious laissez-faire hipster snark.

Keeley ForsythStart AgainLeaf

An intoxicating siren song from what feels like unfathomable depths of weariness, below depression, below anxiety, below terror, below anger, sung by a character who balefully waits for the impossible in the form of a lightning strike while angels laugh at her. Just beautiful.

Dua LipaHallucinateWarner

Emerging just as the UK was entering its first COVID-19 lockdown back in March, Dua Lipa’s second album, Future Nostalgia, offered a hint of light in the gloom that came with being holed up at home away from friends for weeks on end, and there’s no doubting that the album’s marriage of ridiculously catchy hooks and camp disco sheen shone brightest on single ‘Hallucinate’.

Godspeed You! Peter AndreClubberMas O Menos

“Push your tits up my arse/ Throw the shovel at the child.”

Charli XCXforeverAtlantic

There’s a fine compound of sweetness and harsh textures on ‘forever’, one of the singles on Charli XCX’s ‘lockdown album’ how i’m feeling now. It combines toothsome melodies with washes of static and gentle drums, thanks to AG Cook’s super-processed, GMO production. It’s fun to hear him playing with something a bit crustier, and there’s a pleasing intractability to those little Merzbow shudders that pop up throughout the track.

Planet 1999PartyPC Music

On ‘Party’, PC Music’s only ‘band’ prove that the label/collective many still try to dismiss as a joke remain, nonetheless, amongst the finest purveyors of sonic sweetmeats. This may sound, on first glimpse, like it’s the Radio Dept covering some obscure early ’80s French pop hit, but my god it’s infectious.

Tkay MaidzaYou Said4AD

It was hard to pick out a highlight when Tkay Maidza’s debut 4AD EP, Last Year Was Weird, Vol. 2, arrived over the summer, but in ‘You Sad”s whistled melodies, cutesy, sun-dappled guitar and catchy hook, she reached new heights.

Young KnivesBarbariansGadzook

Young Knives’ latest album, Barbarians, is a bonkers and bombastic epic about the depths of human depravity, and this track is the thumping, maximalist, melodramatic centrepiece, with singer Henry Dartnall at his most wonderfully histrionic.

Angel Bat DawidTransition EastInternational Anthem

Written in response to Emma Warren’s book about the London DIY arts space Total Refreshment Centre, Make Some Space, Chicagoan Angel Bat Dawid finds parallels between that site and her home city’s 1960s Black Arts Movement hub, which this track is named after. It’s a gorgeous piece of music, two resonant lines of clarinet weaving amid one another over a simple and elegant base of organ and drum machine.

Hen OgleddTroubleDomino

The most delicate and beautiful moment on a record that abounds with delicacy and beauty, like all perfect pop songs, ‘Trouble’ is at once heartbreakingly melancholy and irresistibly catchy, led by Dawn Bothwell’s softly powerful vocals.

Murman TsuladzeLa Flemme De DanserLes Inrockuptibles

Paris’ pluralism has helped develop Murman Tsuladze’s music, which draws from their Georgian roots and fuses it with France’s adoration of dance music and African rhythms. ‘La Flemme De Danser’ is the first track to be shared from Murman Tsuladze, and culminates all of that promise into an ostentatious but irresistible final product.

Pa SalieuFrontlineWarner

Few rappers ascend to fame as rapidly as Pa Salieu. After releasing a few tunes in 2018 and 2019, the 22-year-old from Hillside in Coventry became a rapid success earlier this year with the release of ‘Frontline’. The song’s video, where he relays tales of block life and street crime over punchy snares and warped female vocal snippets, has racked up over three million YouTube views since, with the rapper just last month dropping his debut mixtape, Send Them To Coventry.

Arab StrapThe Turning Of Our BonesRock Action

Arab Strap marked their return this year in decidedly Arab Strap fashion, with a saucy, sleazy single about fucking and dying. Built on an opulent beat cloaked in elegant auditory smoke, it’s Moffat and Middleton at their absolute best.

ConcentrationSpiderfuckerGlobal Terror Corps

I’m Not What I Was, the EP on which ‘Spiderfucker’ features, can definitely function as party music, coming on like amyl and torn speaker cone paper converted into soundwaves, but the lugubrious side of Concentration heard on first release Premature hasn’t been totally excised. As well as the ‘stare into the abyss of your ethnicity’s history and laugh’ vibe, there’s ‘Spiderfucker’. Zachariah Kupferminc scowls something about miserable pricks and little boys who keep repeating his name; “disgraceful! Disgraceful!” crows performance artist Thrush over spacey, tinted-windows electro.


We might have been robbed of the sweaty, intense live environment in which bands like Scalping most thrive, but this head-manglingly relentless single comes as close as humanly possible to the group’s unreal IRL audiovisual performances.

Jerskin FendrixA Star Is BornUntitled

Jerskin Fendrix is a shapeshifter, every song he puts out completely different to the last. On ‘A Star Is Born’, he appears frantic and hypercharged, full of braggadocio and anticipation as he compares himself to Icarus and Nick Cave in Wings Of Desire.

Headie OneAin’t It Different (ft. Stormzy & AJ Tracey)Relentless

It’s credit to Headie One on ‘Ain’t It Different’ that he doesn’t allow himself to be overshadowed by two artists with as much as presence as Stormzy and AJ Tracey. Featuring samples of Lady Saw (from M-Dubs’ ’90s UK garage anthem ‘Bump ‘N’ Grind’) and, most curiously, Crazy Town’s ‘Butterfly’, the production, courtesy of frequent collaborator FRED Again, sees Headie One tread a fine path between chart success and UK drill loyalist.

Nadine ShahBuckfastInfectious

Instrumentally, ‘Buckfast’ is the swaggering, skronking centre-piece of Nadine Shah’s latest LP, Kitchen Sink, but like the rest of the record its power lies in her lyric-writing and her ability to explore the grim nuance of a toxic relationship with the keenest of eyes.

Denzel Curry Terrace MartinPIG FEET (ft. Daylyt, Kamsi Washington & G Perico)Sounds Of Crenshaw

Terrace Martin’s guidance of what must be one of the collaborations of the year, creates an unshakable framework for the acetylene rage of Denzel Curry to shine all the more brilliantly against. While there is a lot to be said about why Curry is one of the most necessary voices to be speaking truth to power against police brutality, let it not drown out the praise for the liquid beauty of Daylyt’s mercurial verse contrasted against the sublime horn squalls of Kamasi Washington.

Black Country, New RoadScience FairNinja Tune

Not that anyone will care but after the results of the last general election came in just over one year ago, Luke and I were so disheartened that we broke for winter three days early and abandoned our annual tracks chart. Black Country, New Road were the clear winners though with ‘Sunglasses’. But here they are 12 months later with three near perfect singles under their belts and a blinding debut album ready to go, and it reassures me that come what may, they will clearly get their time in the sun.

Kelly Lee OwensCorner Of My Sky (ft. John Cale)Smalltown Supersound

Whatever your position on Kelly Lee Owens’ attempts to revive the mid-’90s ‘makes you think, yeah?’ promo video (cf. Radiohead’s ‘Just’), I will fight anyone who declares this single anything less than a wond’rous balm for this turbulent age. It’s a true representation of the literally magical effects of the heatwave, and I could listen to John Cale read my negative test results at the clap clinic and still find it lyrically swoonsome.

Chloe x HalleDo ItParkwood Entertainment

The standout cut on Ungodly Hour, Chloe x Halle’s second album, ‘Do It’ harks back to classic R&B bangers of the early ’00s, thanks to Scott Storch’s bass-heavy trap production and the sisters’ sparkling harmonies, as they wax lyrical about the simple pleasures of a night out with your best friends. Now if only that prospect hadn’t felt so out of reach through most of 2020.

Divide and DissolveDenialInvada

The forthcoming LP by crushing noise duo Divide And Dissolve is set to be one of 2021’s early highlights. ‘Denial’ is the best taste of what’s to come, a minute and three-quarters of unsettling, off-kilter quiet that suddenly explodes into a gigantic, overwhelming blizzard of noise.

hit hineHillbilly MoonshineRocket Recordings

‘Hillbilly Moonshine’, a linchpin of $hit & $hine’s Malibu Liquor Store LP, ramps up the dread felt across the record with ten-plus minutes of seedy motorik workout music, like a fever dream in which you’re jogging through the charred remains of skid row, chased by an unseen entity. Synths wobble, a dial tone beeps and faulty circuitry crackles and hisses.


Jockstrap are among the most innovative producers in the world. Nowhere is this showcased more clearly than on ‘Acid’, a lavish and tender waltz, tweaked off-kilter at every turn with a million little glitches and sweeps that are applied with the deftest of touches. A mini-masterpiece.

Sleaford ModsMork N Mindy (ft. Billy Nomates)Rough Trade

The Billy Nomates-featuring lead track from Sleaford Mods’ forthcoming album, due early in 2021, is “the sound of the central heating and the dying smells of Sunday dinner in a house on an estate in 1982,” the duo’s Jason Williamson says. It’s the first taste of a record that is loaded with anger and despair at the actions of elites following a year full of turmoil.

The Quietus Tracks Of The Year 2020
  • 1: Sleaford Mods – Mork N Mindy (ft. Billy Nomates)
  • 2: Jockstrap – Acid
  • 3: $hit & $hine – Hillbilly Moonshine
  • 4: Divide And Dissolve – Denial
  • 5: Chloe x Halle – Do It
  • 6: Kelly Lee Owens – Corner Of My Sky (ft. John Cale)
  • 7: Black Country, New Road – Science Fair
  • 8: Denzel Curry + Terrace Martin – PIG FEET (ft. Daylyt, Kamasi Washington & G Perico)
  • 9: Nadine Shah – Buckfast
  • 10: Headie One – Ain’t It Different (ft. Stormzy & AJ Tracey)
  • 11: Jerskin Fendrix – A Star Is Born
  • 12: Scalping – Deadlock
  • 13: Concentration – Spiderfucker
  • 14: Arab Strap – The Turning Of Our Bones
  • 15: Pa Salieu – Frontline
  • 16: Murman Tsuladze – La Flemme De Danser
  • 17: Hen Ogledd – Trouble
  • 18: Angel Bat Dawid – Transition East
  • 19: Young Knives – Barbarians
  • 20: Tkay Maidza – You Sad
  • 21: Planet 1999 – Party
  • 22: Charli XCX – forever
  • 23: Godspeed You! Peter Andre – Clubber
  • 24: Dua Lipa – Hallucinate
  • 25: Keeley Forsyth – Start Again
  • 26: Soccer96 – I Was Gonna Fight Fascism (ft. Alabaster DePlume)
  • 27: Megan Thee Stallion – Savage (ft. Beyoncé)
  • 28 BENEE – Snail
  • 29: Perfume Genius – On The Floor
  • 30: Jessy Lanza – Lick In Heaven
  • 31: PREGOBLIN – Gangsters
  • 32: Napalm Death – Amoral
  • 33: Ana Roxanne – Suite Pour L’Invisible
  • 34: CURRENTMOODGIRL – Love Like Lasers
  • 35: Junglepusy – Main Attraction
  • 36: Calabashed – Ode To Jazzman John Clarke
  • 37: Squarepusher – Terminal Slam
  • 38: Perc – Fire In Negative
  • 39: Daði Freyr (Daði & Gagnamagnið) – Think About Things
  • 40: Time Cow & RTKal – Elephant Man
  • 41: G Sudden – Skin Get Bun
  • 42 Caribou – New Jade
  • 43: Çhâñt Élečtrónïqùe – Maíz De Viracocha
  • 44: Gary, Indiana – Nike Of Samothrace
  • 45: Yves Tumor – Kerosene!
  • 46: Krust – Negative Returns
  • 47: James Blake – Before
  • 48: DJ Space Heater – Bernie D’Agostino
  • 49: Sola – Oh My Love
  • 50: Senyawa – Istana
  • 51: Crack Cloud – Tunnel Vision
  • 52: Thundercat (ft. Ty Dolla $ign & Lil B) – Fair Chance (Floating Points Remix)
  • 53: Midas The Jagaban – Come We Bill Ehh
  • 54: SAULT – I Just Want To Dance
  • 55: British Murder Boys – Real Good Time Together
  • 56: Six Organs Of Admittance – Two Forms Moving
  • 57: Ghetts ft. Jaykae & Moonchild Sanelly – Mozambique
  • 58: 3Phaz – Cluster Drum
  • 59: Daniel Avery – Lone Swordsman
  • 60: Arca – Mequetrefe
  • 61: Porridge Radio – Sweet
  • 62: The Japanese House – Chewing Cotton Wool
  • 63: Manga Saint Hilare – Contraband (ft. Queenie & MicOfCourse)
  • 64: Aksak Maboul – Tout A Une Fin/Everything Ends
  • 65: Patten – RE-EDITS: 54D3
  • 66: Karenn – Shoes Off
  • 67: Mez – Babylon Can’t Roll
  • 68: Lonesaw – Barbed Wire Church
  • 69: Phoebe Bridgers – I Know The End
  • 70 Two Shell – N35
  • 71: FAUZIA – When It’s All Over (ft. Kelela)
  • 72: clipping. – Chapter 319
  • 73: Koffee – Lockdown
  • 74: Digga D – Woi
  • 75: Ariana Grande – Positions
  • 76: Wit. – Viper
  • 77: Run The Jewels ft. Greg Nice & DJ Premier – Ooh La La
  • 78: Brontez Purnell – Forgive Me, Philip
  • 79: Taylor Swift – Exile
  • 80: Robert Hood – The Struggle
  • 81: Melt Yourself Down – Crocodile
  • 82: R.Aggs – Exuberance
  • 83: Little Simz – Might Bang, Might Not
  • 84: Abra Cadabra – On Deck
  • 85: Shanique Marie – Freak
  • 86: Silver Sphere – Football Game
  • 87: Paul Epworth ft. ISHMAEL – Space Inc.
  • 88: Jenevieve – Medallion
  • 89: John Foxx & The Maths – Howl
  • 90: Caroline – Dark Blue
  • 91: ENNY – Peng Black Girls (ft. Amia Brave)
  • 92: Ani Glass – Mirores
  • 93: Eartheater – Below The Clavicle
  • 94: Tierra Whack – Dora
  • 95: Dizzee Rascal ft. Ocean Wisdom – Don’t Be Dumb
  • 96: Wrangler – Machines Designed (To Eat You Up)
  • 97: Moses Boyd – Stranger Than Fiction
  • 98: Destroyer – Crimson Tide
  • 99: Sex Swing – Valentine’s Day At The Gym
  • 100: Pearson Sound – Alien Mode

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