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The Quietus Subscribers' Tracks Of The Year Playlist
Patrick Clarke , December 14th, 2020 09:47

For tQ subscribers, here are all the bangers from our tracks of the year chart, compiled in one hefty mega-playlist on your streaming platform of choice!

Photo: Maria Jefferis

The Quietus' tracks of 2020, the third and final of our main end-of-year charts, is now live and it's a cracker, featuring all manner of bangers enjoyed by our staff throughout this weirdest of years.

2020 might have been completely awful, but the response to our new subscriber system has been one of the few rays of light. Without those of you who've chosen to support the site financially, there's a good chance the pandemic would have sunk tQ for good.

Therefore as an additional perk for you, our most valued subscribers, we thought we'd share one more specially curated playlist, a Tracks of 2020 special! It features every single one of the songs (that were on streaming platforms), in the order they appear on the chart. It's available on Apple Music, Spotify, and now, by reader request, TIDAL.

Subscribers will be able to find links to the playlist below, past the Steady paywall.

You can access the playlist on Spotify here.

You can access the playlist on Apple Music here.

You can access the playlist on TIDAL here.