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Diamanda Galás Details New Album, 'Broken Gargoyles'
Christian Eede , June 15th, 2022 20:40

It comes off the back of a run of recent reissues of Galás' early albums

Diamanda Galás has shared details of a new album, Broken Gargoyles.

The follow-up to 2020's De-Formation - Piano Variations, the new album is comprised of two extended pieces – 'Mutilatus' and 'Abiectio' – that Galás produced amid the early lockdown period of the COVID-19 pandemic. You can listen to excerpts from 'Mutilatus' above.

'Mutilatus' contains segments from two Georg Heym poems, Das Fieberspital and Die Dämonen der Stadt. 'Abiectio' also contains references to Das Fieberspital, as well as two more Heym poems, Der Blinde and Der Hunger. Four of Heym's poems will be presented in full in both English and German as part of a 24-page booklet that will come with the CD release of Broken Gargoyles. The booklet will also contain photos of Galás and four of her paintings, and essays by Dr. Julia Meier, of the Kestnergesellschaft Hannover, and Luca Zanchi, lifted from the forthcoming book Gorgon In The Blue Room: Diamanda Galás And The Divine Monster Of Grief.

The release of Broken Gargoyles follows on from a run of reissues of Galás' first three albums, The Litanies Of Satan, Diamanda Galás and The Divine Punishment.

Intravenal Sound Operations will release Broken Gargoyles on August 26, 2022.