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Deck The Halls With A Load Of Bangers: 37.5% Off Top Tier Subscription!
John Doran , November 21st, 2021 09:58

This festive season treat yourself or a loved one to a Quietus Sound + Vision subscription and get 12 new releases a year, plus a host of other perks at a massive ONE THIRD OFF discount...

It’s that most terrible time of year! You’ve barely recovered from the soul-sapping debacle of last Christmas and it’s already here again! There’s no escaping from it. It’s now time to come up with the kind of inventive and genuinely desirable seasonal present that says ‘I care! No honestly... I really do!’ for the music and culture obsessed partner, parent, offspring, BFF, crush, co-worker, bandmate, landscape gardener, cheesemonger, swipe right on speed dial etc. in your life.

Stop looking at those shonky Fat White Family Oblique Strategy Cards* on Etsy; does your black metal-obsessed teenage child really want those Adele-themed earbuds?; and is buying your better half Squid Game Monopoly really the right message you want to be sending?

Never fear, help is at hand. There is one gift you can buy this Christmas which will delight the people you love. It’s also the kind of gift that keeps on giving all year round via a wealth of amazing LPs and EPs, essays, podcasts, playlists and newsletters. Buying this gift not only helps you stay in your loved one’s good books but also helps a wide range of musicians, artists and writers from across the UK (and the rest of the world) financially; not to mention loaning a hand to help keep Europe’s biggest and best fully independent magazine on underground music and culture alive... And that gift is a Sound & Vision subscription to The Quietus.

And, if that were not enough, for the next few weeks we’re offering this top tier subscription with a massive ⅓ off discount. Happy Christmas one and all!

But what is the Sound & Vision subscription? Over the last year or so this top tier service has brought subscribers ear-boggling, mind-warping, brand new, exclusive albums and EPs by such sonic luminaries as Sleaford Mods, GNOD, JK Flesh, Alison Cotton, VÄLVĒ and musicians from Wire, the Kim Gordon band, Factory Floor, Grumbling Fur and Vanishing Twin (not to mention remixes by Xtnddwrk, Manni Dee and Lone Taxidermist), straight to their inboxes.

And now we’re offering this marvellous top tier subscription for a massive reduction; if you sign up before December 20 you will only pay £150 instead of £240… a saving of 37.5%!

Alternatively you can take out a monthly sub for just £16 pcm instead of £24… which is still a saving of 33%.

And because from September we have pledged to bring Sound & Vision subscribers a landmark release once per month, this means that anyone who takes advantage of this seasonal offer will receive 12 albums or EPs delivered straight to their inboxes.

While we’re keeping some very, very cool names under wraps for the time being, those who sign up will, over the next year, be getting exclusive, specially commissioned work from the likes of:

Roger Robinson and Richard Skelton
Siavash Amini
Shit & Shine

And all of this glorious music comes on top of the full Low Culture range of perks which include 12 Low Culture podcasts [previous guests include Nicky Wire talking about Echo And The Bunnymen; Shirley Collins on Oh, Brother Where Art Thou?; Nadine Shah on Robert Palmer; and Tariq Goddard on Sisters Of Mercy], 12 Low Culture essays [previously including Noel Gardner on Viz; David Keenan on Arthur C. Clarke’s Mysterious World; Adelle Stripe on Julian Cope; and Daniel Spicer on Elvis], 12 exclusive playlists and 12 Organic Intelligence newsletters which features tQ’s favourite people taking a deep dive into their record collections to offer you DJ bag gold, Discogs bargains and all-back-to-mine nuggets. That's 60 perks per year! And that’s before we even get to the now huge archive of Low Culture goodies which you can access the second your subscription is activated.

All in all that’s a damn good deal… just click on the big box below to find out more!

(*All 52 cards say ‘Maybe Take Drugs?’)

This offer runs, inclusively, from Wednesday 17 November to Monday 20 December and is open to everyone

tQ Membership Perks

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Sound & Vision releases: If you're a top tier subscriber, you'll be getting twelve exclusive music releases per year. These will arrive in your email inbox via PromoJukebox, a tool used by the music biz to send out promo releases. You'll be able to download the record once. Each release is exclusively available to our subscribers for three months. You can of course keep the MP3s, but please don't share them – all the audio is watermarked so we'll know where any leakiness is coming from.

Playlists: At the start of every month, we'll be sending out an email reminding you of the perks of the past four weeks and those that'll be arriving in the coming month – do look out for that. Your huge playlist of all the new music we've been loving from the past month will also come in this email, as well as being shared in the Low Culture strand on the site – here's that link again.

Organic Intelligence newsletters: These are all in the Low Culture page linked above. The first time you access one, you'll come across the Steady paywall blocking standard users from reading the article. All you need to do to read it is log in with your Steady username and password, and you're away.

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