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Baker's Dozen

Musical Conversations: Mary Lattimore's Favourite Albums
Kareem Ghezawi , November 11th, 2020 09:43

In this week's Baker's Dozen Mary Lattimore speaks to Kareem Ghezawi about the albums that have shaped her life, and how musical friendships sustain her work


William Basinski - Cascade
Again I chose this because it reminds me of a certain period of my life and I'm a big fan of his. The Disintegration Loops is one of the most powerful pieces of music that I can think of. When I was first thinking of moving to L.A. I came out here and checked it out with some old friends who introduced me to Billy Basinski. I never really knew anything about him besides hearing The Disintegration Loops so I was kind of intimidated but I had emailed him and he was like 'come over to my house while you're in town, lets hang out.' So I showed up at his house and he was just the most generous and beautiful person with a very eclectic with a beautiful bohemian house. I remember him picking oranges from his tree which solidified the fact I wanted to move to Los Angeles and then he played this new piece he made called Cascade through the window. The sounds drifting through the windows as we drank Coronas and eating oranges in the sun was very dreamy, so I'll always associate this piece with that decision to move to move away from Philly. I made some versions on the harp in tribute to William and sent them to him. I think the melodies on this record are so beautiful.