Baker's Dozen

Artists discuss the 13 records that shaped their lives

11. R.E.M.

This record in particular is one of my favorites by REM – they’re a band I listened to a lot growing up in North Carolina. REM was our band in the south, they came from Athens, Georgia which had a really cool scene with bands like the B-52’s and Pylon. It was a college town and it wasn’t that far from where I lived so having this cool little scene close by let us dream about getting out of Shelby and maybe going to Athens knowing there’s weirdos pretty close by. It felt like a very cool place especially when you’re stuck in this town where there’s no weirdos except for yourself and a few friends.

You prefer this era to their golden age in the 90s?

Yeah, I like their older jangly college rock. I met Michael Stipe one time and he told me that he had been watching my set at this festival and that went a really long way, I kept that in my pocket for a really long time, I was very psyched.

Next thing you’re going to have Robert Smith tapping your shoulder saying ‘Mary!’

Do you promise! that would be my ultimate dream. Maybe I should blast that one out, anytime Robert once to collaborate I am available!

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