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Holly Herndon Collaborates With Jlin And AI
Christian Eede , December 4th, 2018 14:59

A new track from Holly Herndon sees her team up with Jlin and an AI programme called Spawn

Holly Herndon has released a new track titled 'Godmother'.

The track, which is out now and can be streamed above, sees Herndon team up with Jlin and an AI programme called Spawn that she and her partner Mat Dryhurst have created.

Spawn recreates any sound fed to her in Herndon's voice and can be heard across the new track. "Spawn can already do quite a few wonderful things," says Herndon. "'Godmother' was generated from her listening to the artworks of her godmother Jlin, and attempting to reimagine them in her mother's voice."

Herndon continues: "This piece of music was generated from silence with no samples, edits, or overdubs, and trained with the guidance of Spawn’s godfather Jules LaPlace. In nurturing collaboration with the enhanced capacities of Spawn, I am able to create music with my voice that far surpass the physical limitations of my body.

"I find something hopeful about the roughness of this piece of music. Amidst a lot of misleading AI hype, it communicates something honest about the state of this technology; it is still a baby. It is important to be cautious that we are not raising a monster."