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LISTEN: New Music By Stranded
The Quietus , March 22nd, 2018 17:40

Threats to nightclubbing inspire Nashville artist

News reaches us via the good comrades in Algiers of a new group hailing from Nashville, TN. Stranded have a great line in rumbling post punk, abstract saxophone, and gently propulsive rhythms. They've a new video to accompany a track called 'Nervous Splendor', about which the group have offered the following communiqué:

"The track was inspired by the feared closing of fabric, which I went to years ago when I was 20. It was rather transformative, but I couldn't help but see it was a part of a greater fleeting moment. Before fabric there were other gathering places from the cabarets and banquet halls/salons of Weimar and Fin Di Siecle respectively to New York 1970s (54/ Paradise Garage), 1980s Manchester/Chicago (Hacienda/Warehouse), Berlin 1990s (Tresor/Berghain), and London 00s (fabric). Yet this serves as a backdrop to express the general sense of modern anxiety that surrounds everyone and everything hence the video, which shows a progression of pastoral scenes ultimately to move to a current day city watching the city move and breathe (industry/development, gentrification, and people and machines moving). Again it was inspired by Vertov, Eisenstein, and Meisel." Watch the video above, and listen to more sounds from Stranded here.