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Baker's Dozen

A Heartbeat That Resonates: Ghetto Priest's Favourite Albums
Yousif Nur , November 29th, 2017 14:37

From The Jackson 5 and Nat King Cole to John Holt and Dennis Brown, this is the baker's dozen of albums that shaped Ghetto Priest


John Holt - 1000 Volts Of Holt

When I was growing up, there was not an Afro-Caribbean household that did not have this album in their record collection. John Holt is one of, if not the sweetest voice to come out of Jamaica. I also think Holt was one of the first people to take reggae to a more classical sound in terms of arrangements with violins and what have you.

Before that, it was more of a standard guitar, bass and then the sound advanced onwards. I don’t remember any other artists bringing violins in reggae music at the time. I actually remember this album cover being my first model, when I had a brief buzz for drawing.