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Baker's Dozen

Sorry There's No Punk! Captain Sensible's Damn' Favourite LPs
Luke Turner , November 23rd, 2016 09:24

Forty years after The Damned released New Rose they're currently touring the UK. The genial Captain Sensible got in touch to tell us about his favourite LPs, from Stereolab to the Bee Gees, Soft Machine to Felt and Jimi Hendrix. Damned live photo by Dod Morrison.


Sing Sing - The Joy Of Sing Sing
Who doesn't love Lush? I certainly do, and when they split I'm sure we all wondered what inventive guitarist Emma Anderson would come out with next? Amazingly the next project was even more full of sumptuous melody, but for some reason it completely disappeared under the radar. Whoever decides whether an album gets radio support or not failed abysmally with this one as The Joy Of Sing Sing is a superbly produced collection of beautifully crafted songs. I played the album virtually non-stop for a couple of years, which made Emma laugh when I confessed to her backstage at Coachella earlier this year. Lush came back for a while, which was great… but this album by Sing Sing deserves a much bigger audience. Some songwriters spend their lives attempting to write the perfect pop song - Emma and Lisa O'Neill get closer than most with 'Far Away From Love'.