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tQ's Reissues Etc Of 2015, In Association With Norman Records
John Doran , December 10th, 2015 08:32

The second of our big end of year charts is just as important as the albums of the year list that we ran last week - if not more so in my opinion. It is a top 100 of reissues, compilations, DJ mixes, live albums, splits, box sets, anthologies and the all important "etc." category, voted for by Christian Eede, Sophie Coletta, Laurie Tuffrey, Luke Turner and myself (with some suggestions from Richard Turner and Mat Colegate). If you add these two lists together and then combine them with our top tracks list (due to run next Thursday) then, in short, you get the clearest indication of what we're about and the sort of musical avenues we're going to be exploring next year.

However, nothing I can say here can top the stirring words that my good friend and tQ co-pilot Luke Turner imparted last week about the health and diversity of music in the "fucked bottom". His words were so inspirational I feel they should only be read on one knee, facing magnetic north while wearing one's most ostentatious hat and, ideally a velvet cape bearing one's family crest.

Thanks for showing an interest in what we do; I hope you enjoy this music as much as we have this year; and please do have a happy and peaceful Christmas and New Year. John Doran

100. Various Artists - French Disco Boogie Sounds (1975 - 1984)

"Despite the resoundingly un-PC cover, French Disco Boogie Sounds (1975 - 1984) is a tonic for these serious times. Most of the tracks boast a snazzy mix of 80's pop, soul and classic disco; all whipped up into the smoothest, shiniest, finger-popping sound imaginable. Kelly's 'Drôle D’Histoire D’Amour' is a stand out in this regard; with bass squiggles and synth sweeps meeting a Greek chorus head on, whilst Kelly sorts out her love life on the blower. The lyrics are often surprisingly un-disco, too; "Tant pis Cést la Vie", anyone? But regardless of the undercurrent of melancholy in some tracks, this is a h.a.p.p.y. record. "I'm in love with funky music / Simple melodies make me smile" sings Beckie Bell over a uptempo shuffle. And boy am I with her. Not recommended for Daesh sympathisers." Richard Foster

99. Sun City Girls - Torch Of The Mystics

"If, for whatever reason, you've remained immune to the charms of experimental, Middle Eastern influenced rock trio, Sun City Girls so far, then this is almost certainly the entry point to their bewilderingly large back catalogue you've been looking for." John Doran

98. EndgamE - Liminal Sounds Vol. 47

97. Paranoid London - Paranoid London (digital reissue)
(Paranoid London)

"From what I can guess about Paranoid London, they're not playing the digital game at all. I could only get it on vinyl and it sold out immediately. The only place I know that you can listen to it is on YouTube. It's such a brilliant record. It's a dirty record, that's what this is. Simply put, this record is minimal: simple drum machine and absolutely mad lyrics, mad singers all the way through, long tracks, double vinyl." Neil Barnes, Leftfield

Read Neil Barnes' Bakers Dozen here

96. Sarr Band - Double Action

"There's something almost weirdly Fairport Convention-esque about this loose limbed, Brit disco rarity given a second lease of life by Boom, especially standout track 'Magic Mandrake'. Custom built for having a psychedelic dancefloor meltdown to." John Doran

95. Fela Kuti - Roforofo Fight
(Knitting Factory)

"Knitting Factory's excellent Fela Kuti reissue programme keeps on rolling out, and I for one am not complaining." John Doran

94. Else Marie Pade - Electronic Works 1958 - 1995

"One of my recent favourite discoveries. It's been a cold rainy summer and we've all been stuck inside listening to music up here." Jenny Hval

93. Ernesto Chahoud - Jakarta Radio Middle Eastern Heavens II

"Oh my, this is good. I don’t know much about the compiler of this great mix, apart from the fact that he’s called Ernesto Chahoud aka DJ Spindle, he’s Lebanese, he’s the founder of the Beirut Groove Collective and a big collector of Middle Eastern belly dance music. This particular mix, Middle Eastern Heavens II, was made for Jakarta Radio..." John Doran, for the Guardian

92. Evian Christ @ Great British Trance Off

91. Broadcast - Tender Buttons

"I wanted to pick Haha Sound [as my favourite], because I think there's a lot of very beautiful songs on it, and in fact it may well be their masterpiece, but I [chose] Tender Buttons, because it had a huge effect on me. There was this unfinished quality to it, that I learned from. And it's really what pushed me to actually start [Deerhunter]." Bradford Cox, of Deerhunter

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90. Terminal Cheesecake - Cheese Brain Fondue (En Concert Á L'Embobineuse, Marseille)
(Artificial Head)

"The whole thing is a massive, multi-coloured, fuzzy triumph. For one thing, it captures the band as a truly immense sonic force to be reckoned with. The whole thing sounds dynamic and vast." Tristan Bath

Read our review of Cheese Brain Fondue here

89. Florian Fricke/Popol Vuh - Kailash
(Soul Jazz)

"Declamatory voices wail from on high plateaux, as waves of analogue synths ebb and flow in blissful tidal surge. Gongs and cymbals are gently rubbed while pan pipes breezily whistle and toot. There is the overwhelming sense of an ethnographic forgery which holds deep reverence for sources and inspirations, bending them into an authored Fourth World authenticity entirely Florian Fricke's own." Euan Andrews

Read our review of Kailash here

88. Locean - ‘Traine’
(Tesla Tapes)

"Locean are something of a supergroup culled from the current Manchester underground, comprising members of Ten Mouth Electron, 2KoiKarp, GNOD and more, making wild and angular free rock that calls to mind Confusion Is Sex era Sonic Youth, The Au Pairs and Bardo Pond. This release on Tesla Tapes was recorded live by John Tatlock at the Star & Garter." John Doran

87. Normil Hawaiians - Return Of The Ranters
(Upset The Rhythm)

86. Fadoul - Al Zman Saib
(Habibi Funk)

"This uptight Moroccan dancefloor album has a straight-up, funky-as-hell Arabic language cover of James Brown’s 'Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag' – not to mention a gritty funk rock version of Free’s 'Alright Now'. Habibi Funk will be reissuing the full Al Zman Saib album by Fadoul in late December and will include “six super-wild songs about drugs, alcohol and getting high”. John Doran for The Guardian

85. Patrick Cowley - Muscle Up
(Dark Entries)

Muscle Up is the follow-up to 2013's School Daze, the first brilliant compendium of Patrick Cowley's soundtracks to specialist films aimed squarely at the gentleman's gentleman's market. Recorded by Cowley during the 1970s, there's a quiet confidence in the gently pulsing gristle of these synth melodies that speaks of what was then the increasing visibility and presence of the gay rights movement. Fans of tittering at the back might like to note that this collection was remastered for vinyl by one George Horn. Luke Turner

(City Slang)

83. Various Artists - Trevor Jackson Presents: Science Fiction Dancehall Classics 1
(On-U Sound)

"While dub producers such as Scientist and Lee Scratch Perry have often waxed about the wonders of outer space, Science Fiction Dancehall Classics sees Sherwood's trad dub cyborg producer undergoing a technological recalibration and cross contamination with post-punk and industrial, the end result creating music tailored for urban innerspace." Bob Cluness Read our review of Science Fiction Dancehall Classics here

82. Konstrukt And Akira Sakata - Kaishi/開始: Live at Kargart

"Kaishi is a heady trip into the psychedelic multi-sphere with Japanese maverick Akira Sakata." Stewart Smith

81. Mdou Moctar - Akounak Tedalat Taha Tazoughai
(Sahell Sounds)

"This fantastic new soundtrack, is now finally available on Sahel Sounds’ Bandcamp. A long time coming, it is the OST to the independent film Rain The Colour Of Blue With A Little Red In It, which charts the creative rise of Mdou Moctar. (It is based, loosely, on the Prince movie Purple Rain – and there is no Tuareg word for purple, hence the bizarre title.) Revel in the liquid guitar playing, carried rattling along on hammering railroad beats." John Doran for the Guardian

80. Ami Shavit - Alpha 1
(Finders Keepers)

"Ami Shavit was a reclusive Israeli artist and professor with a fascination for technology, psychology, philosophy and sound. He assembled a private collection of synthesisers in 1972 after a trip to the US and started work on his Alpha Mood album, which was designed to combine his love for Tangerine Dream and Philip Glass with the newly emergent techniques of biofeedback, in creating a new style of music that would induce a meditative state. He lost his enthusiasm for this project after being conscripted into the Israeli army in 1973; he was left profoundly disturbed by his work evacuating battlefield casualties during the short-lived but bloody Yom Kippur war. Until, that is, he realised that this music was the very thing that offered him a chance for recuperation from the severity of what he had just experienced." John Doran for the Guardian

79. Units - Digital Stimulation

"I wanted to include the song 'iNight' on the reissue. I didn’t include the song on the original and I’ve always regretted it. It’s my favorite Units song, and if there is only one song a newcomer to the Units hears, I’d like it to be that one. And there are "hidden tracks” on the reissue. We included tracks of many of the songs from the original album from a live show we played in San Francisco in 1979 at the Mabuhay. The live tracks finally represent what I had wanted Digital Stimulation to sound like from the very beginning." Scott Ryser of the Units

Read our interview with Scott Ryser here

78. Hieroglyphic Being - The Acid Documents
(Soul Jazz)

77. Clipse - Lord Willin’
(Get On Down)

"Riding high on a steady stream of compounding successes, Chad Hugo and Pharrell Williams used their power to take Clipse, another Virginia Beach duo, out of the shadows. Released on the fledging Star Trak imprint for Arista, Lord Willin' showcased thirteen of The Neptunes' artfully spare beats, over which siblings Pusha T and Malice thrived, yielding unorthodox hits 'Grindin' and 'When The Last Time'. Perhaps the most striking thing about the record at the time was its Mamet-like unwillingness to tone down or translate for the wider audience Clipse was poised to reach. Following in the tradition of embedded lyricists like Raekwon, their tricky knot of regional and even proprietary narco-slang awaited anyone looking past the album's undeniable hooks." Gary Suarez

76. Test Dept - Tested Product
(PC Press)

Test Dept. are one of the most overlooked groups of the post-Throbbing Gristle industrial music era, frequently mistrusted due to their appropriation of propaganda tools and habit of whacking metal while sporting indecently short haircuts. This fantastic book is not merely a thorough and vivid guide to their years of operation but a timely reminder of how during the the counter-Thatcherism movements of the 1980s the avant-garde of music and politics were able to coexist and put up a brutalist challenge to the status quo. This is never a dour publication, either, and ought to be a core text for students of counterculture. Luke Turner

75. William S Burroughs - Nothing Here Now But The Recordings

"It is the voice you notice first of all. It has the quality of one speaking beyond the grave, a croak that is authoritative and ravaged in equal measure. It is the voice that creaks out from a dark alley and nests under the skin. It is the voice of a PI trying to catch a final hopeless break, or a radio broadcaster making his last transmission from some strange inter-zone. It is a voice that possesses the listener, absorbs them, never betraying itself through emotion. It is control in its purest form, clinical, paranoid and alien. Hiding here, in plain sight, is a voice from the void." Andrew Spragg Read our review of Nothing Here Now But The Recordings here

74. Bescombes/Rizet - Pôle

"Look at the artwork and try to imagining a marauding sci-fi-inflected French experimental rock album made by two étudiants d'expérimentations sonores, and you will undoubtedly have an idea what to expect from this album. But that doesn't even begin to adequately convey the splendor that awaits once you put the needle to the groove." Jeremy Allen

73. Leif And Joe Ellis - Juno Plus Podcast 126: UntilMyHeartStops

72. Jack Latham - Lux Laze

71. Peverelist Vs A Made Up Sound @ Dekmantel

Having witnessed part, though thankfully a large chunk, of this five-hour set first-hand, it holds particular resonance for me as just one highlight in many of an excellent weekend at Amsterdam's Dekmantel Festival. Both Peverelist and A Made Up Sound have hit particularly impressive runs of form this year, the former through a solo EP on his Livity Sound label and collaborations alongside Kowton, Steevio and Hodge and the latter with a pair of self-released EPs and an outstanding contribution to Clone's Basement Series. This recording succinctly captures the pair using the freedom of an all-night set to showcase their respective sounds opening out on a 10-minute Gas track and very gradually increasing the tempo over the set's course. The final 30 minutes of jungle, hardcore and breakbeat might just be some of the most fun I've ever had in a club. Christian Eede

70. Oake - Live In Marseille
(Ascetic House)

"We wanted to create a space in which we were able to explore sounds, moods and extremes: a space in which we could do what we want, without the need of justifying any of this to anyone." Eric Sienknecht Read our interview with Oake here

69. Nkisi @ Boiler Room

"The approach of the DJs who play here is non-linear and non-ironic, with things like dancehall, reggaeton, rap, black metal, noise and plenty home-brewed productions all moving across one another constantly. As a dancer you're exposed to sound that's hyper sexual, hyper aggressive but also super sensual, as likely to be treated to a Chicago bop banger as you are wrapped in a drone that's lined with slivers of melody," wrote Seb Wheeler earlier this year in an excellent piece on London party Endless. Melika Ngombe Kolongo, aka Nkisi is one of its regulars, as well as the founder of NON Records, a collective of African artists and of the diaspora. Definitely one to keep an eye on. Sophie Coletta

68. Jock Scott - My Personal Culloden
(Forever Heavenly)

"Which one of my records is coming out? Is it My Personal Culloden, the one with Davey? Well, that’s fucking great because that’s the best one!" Jock Scott

Read our interview with Jock Scott here

67. Various Artists - µ20
(Planet Mu)

"It's intriguing to think today just how much Planet Mu, the label that has been run unwaveringly on the independent fringes by Mike Paradinas for 20 years, has been an important beacon for many in numerous electronic music genres." Bob Cluness

Read our review of µ20 here

66. Hypnosaurus - 1991-1992
(Porridge Bullet)

65. Haku - Na Mele A Ka Haku

64. Peter Christopherson - Live At L'Étrange Festival 2004
(Black Mass Rising)

"On his own here, Sleazy shifts and slides from deceptively calm stretches of almost-brittle digital electronics complete with passages of birdsong or human chanting into bass-heavy tremors shaking the floors like nobody's business. They fill up space with the pressure of spectral presences and tectonic rumblings. These digital ghosts in Sleazy's machine fall somewhere between later Coil instrumentals which aimed for a particular psychotropic effect on the listener (such as the epic, mind-altering Time Machines) and Christopherson's later work with Ivan Pavlov (COH) as SoiSong." Richard Fontenoy Read our review of Live At L'Étrange here

63. Beautiful Swimmers - Trilogy Tapes Mixtape
(The Trilogy Tapes)

"Over two sides, Beautiful Swimmers, made up of Ari Goldman and Future Times boss Andrew Field-Pickering, aka Max D, showcase the hazy, sunshine-filled sound of their own productions and DJ sets with two 45-minute mixes that nod to their influences as well as to the here and now. On their Trilogy Tapes mixtape, the pair tap into joyous, characterful music that is unashamedly designed to make people dance introducing me, most importantly, to breakbeat-indebted banger 'It's My Life' from Watt Noize." Christian Eede

62. KMD - Blck Bst_rds
(Metal Face)

"Bl-ck B-st-rds is a modern day classic. It's an album we could only wish came out in 2015." Yousif Nur Read our review of Bl-ck B-st-rds here

61. Various Artists - Mahraganaat 100Copies
(100 Copies)

"Downtown Cairo mover and shaker Mahmoud Refat (who manages Sadat and Alaa Fifty as well as running the city’s only dubplate-cutting facility and the 100Copies studio) has been a key figure in popularising the chaabi sound in Egypt and beyond. This compilation album, out this week, is one of his productions and provides a handy snapshot of this summer’s most vital of scenes." John Doran for the Guardian

60. Harmonia - Complete Works

"Recently Grönland have seen fit to release a near-as-damnit complete works of Harmonia box set, featuring Musik Von Harmonia, Deluxe, the Tracks And Traces Brian Eno collaboration/compilation across a double LP, Live In 1974 and the previously unreleased Documents 1975 not to mention a beautiful book of photographs, also containing sleeve notes by Geeta Dayal... this is near essential music from one of the key Krautrock groups. If you haven’t heard this stuff before then I envy you your maiden voyage." John Doran

Read our review of Complete Works here

59. Various Artists - Next Stop Soweto 4
(Strut) "In line with South Africa's demographics, there's an immense diversity on Volume 4. American funk and soul influences are boiled up with South Africa's confident homegrown jazz movement, and the more intrepid mbaqanga and Zulu-rock genres add a distinctly African pulse." Clyde Mcfarlane

Read our review of Next Stop Soweto 4 here

58. Various Artists - Berlin Atonal Vol. 3
(Berlin Atonal) "Includes music taken from four standout performances of Berlin Atonal 2014. They come from Cabaret Voltaire (which was their first show in over 20 years), Miles Whittaker, Fis and Abdulla Rashim." Christian Eede

57. Lena Willikens - Guest Mix For Hessle Audio, Rinse FM

"Shackleton's 'Beat His Command' played at 33rpm; Need I say more?" Christian Eede

56. Various Artists - Root Hog Or Die: 100 Songs, 100 Years: An Alan Lomax Centennial Tribute

55. Simple Minds - The Vinyl Collection (79, 84)

"Simple Minds have just reissued their first seven albums as a vinyl box set, from Life In A Day to Sparkle In The Rain inclusive, stopping just before the release of the ‘Don’t You Forget About Me’ 7". It is perfect in every respect. You should buy it immediately." John Doran Read our review of The Vinyl Collection here

54. Jaime Williams - Contort #12

"In a mix recorded for Samuel Kerridge's free Berlin party Contort, Jaime Williams, who runs the ever-brilliant Diagonal records alongside Oscar Powell, makes an immediate impression with a tripartite of sleazy bangers: Psyche, Throbbing Gristle and the mighty Force Legato. " Sophie Coletta

53. Erasure - Always: The Very Best Of

"Although they've long settled into a comfortable stasis – no longer at the pinnacle of the pop pantheon, but still mattering to many of their fans – the cumulative power of Erasure's music has been woven so intricately into the DNA structure of UK pop, they still exert an omnipresence. Their songs of love and life in all its glory, allied with the shining synths of Vince Clarke and Andy Bell's irrepressible vocals had a disgustingly giddy effect on those who listened." Bob Cluness Read our review of Always here

52. Charlemagne Palestine & Grumbling Fur Time Machine Orchestra - Live At Cafe Oto

"In June 2013, composer Charlemagne Palestine played a two-night residency at Hackney’s Cafe Oto at the invitation of Grumbling Fur’s Daniel O’Sullivan. The second night of these two performances took place alongside Grumbling Fur operating under an alter-ego of Time Machine Orchestra, an alias created for them to explore more extended and improvisational composition. That show was captured in this recording." Christian Eede

51. Swans - White Light From The Mouth Of Infinity/Love Of Life

"White Light From The Mouth Of Infinity through to and including The Great Annihilator was a really resurgent great period in Swans history, artistically speaking." John Doran

Read our review of White Light etc. here

50. Nisennenmondai - Live At Clouds Hill
(Clouds Hill)

"When music repeats enough, time stops. Or rather, it seemingly ceases to exist. Japan's Nisennenmondai have grown to almost exclusively explore this phenomenon, looping, repeating and pounding around and around until 'then' and 'now' dissipate, leaving behind nothing beyond a mesmeric infinity of kick drum thumps, bass line throbs, hi-hat ticks, and swirling, trippy electric guitars." Tristan Bath

Read our interview with Nisennenmondai here

49. Miss Red - Murder

One of the many righteous aspects to the work of Kevin ‘The Bug' Martin is his ability to tailor his formidable sonic arsenal to back such a broad away of MCs and musical collaborators. One of the most satisfying of these has been his work with Miss Red, who Martin met after she demanded the mic at a set in Haifa, Israel. Their first collaboration was ‘Diss Me Army', the killer second release on Martin's Acid Ragga label. This mixtape (accompanied that rarest of things - an NSFW video that's actually super hot) has K-Mart's low end riddims acting as a perfect supporting battery to Miss Red's yowling, yelping MCing, her voice as an equal instrument in its own right. Luke Turner Download Miss Red's mixtape here

48. Jane Weaver - The Amber Light

"I think I had just got to the point where I realised that you just have to see yourself as a painter, who is just painting and painting, and some of it is good and some of it is bad, and to just keep going. You have to do it for you and forget about the world outside. Also, since the last album, I had been getting bored with the singer-songwriter thing and the limitations in what was expected of me." Jane Weaver Read our interview with Jane Weaver here

47. Smersh - Super Heavy Solid Waste
(Dark Entries)

"One of the genuine curios of the 1980s cassette underground, Smersh. Formed by the duo Michael Mangino and Chris Shepard in the late 1970s, Smersh never performed live or even developed actual songs, preferring instead to record regular live "jams" at their self-made studio in Piscataway, New Jersey, creating a DIY electronic sound that magpie'd from a range of styles such as industrial, noise, EBM, and synth-pop." Bob Cluness

Read our review of Super Heavy Solid Waste here

46. Soichi Terada Presents - Sounds From the Far East
(Rush Hour)

"Compiled by widely respected DJ Hunee and bringing the work of Japan's Soichi Terada to a far greater audience than ever before, this compilation of his best work is music very much of its time - much of the work that appears on the compilation was produced across the 1990s - but also somehow simultaneously transcends the chintzy quality that can often be associated with music of that persuasion." Christian Eede

45. Beatriz Ferreyra - GRM Works
(Editions Mego)

"A masterclass in the bewildering and jaw-dropping possibilities of tape-based composition is given in these two releases from the Argentinian electro acoustic composer Beatriz Ferreyra. The latest archival release from Recollection GRM compiles two hard-to-find short works from the late sixties with two longer pieces lifted from her eponymous album of 2012, all of which are a marvel to behold regardless of their availability and demonstrate a consistency in Ferreyra's ear across the decades." Russell Cuzner

Read our review of GRM Works here

44. Eleh - Homage

"Brilliantly minimal and mysterious reissue on CD for the first time. Shouts to the sagacious Simon Pomery for the recommendation." Sophie Coletta

43. Cairo Liberation Front - Bring The Noise Part V: The New Wave of Egyptian Wedding Rave 12

"This year Cairo Liberation Front are celebrating two years of operations. The Dutch collective, comprising Yannick Verhoeven and Joep Schmitz, have now been spreading the word about Egyptian Electro Chaabi music for 24 glorious months, through monumentally banging live sets and mixtapes - their Church Of The CLF mix was one of our favourite of last year - and we're honoured to host the final instalment - give Bring The Noise Part V: The New Wave of Egyptian Wedding Rave a spin." Laurie Tuffrey

42. Hessle Audio @ Freerotation

"With the tempo rarely slipping below the 130 mark for much of this almost three-hour recording from Wales’ Freerotation and the Hessle triumvirate digging through UK funky, dark techno, breakbeat, UK garage and ghetto house among various other strains of the club-minded electronic music that have fed into the label they run together, this set, the first ever live recording of the three, brings the party just as much as any of their other riotously fun marathon back-to-back-to-back sets over the years. Extra marks for the inclusion of A Made Up Sound’s 2015 mind-melter ‘Half Hour Jam On A Borrowed Synth’." Christian Eede

41. Amorphous Androgynous - A Monstrous Psychedelic Bubble (Exploding In Your Mind): The Wizards Of Oz
(Monstrous Bubble)

"'The Wizards of Oz', is a more geographically focused affair that takes the listener on a wild ride over 2CDs across the unchecked terrain of the Australasian new age and progressive rock scenes, stretching from late-60s Hendrix rip-offs and Syd Barrett-gone-walkabout types to contemporary gear by Tame Impala and Pond. It's quite a trip, largely because most of the tracks will be unfamiliar to European ears and are very good indeed." Piers Martin

Read our interview with Amorphous Androgynous here

40. Cold Cave - Full Cold Moon
(Deathwish Inc.)

"Even if Full Cold Moon transpires to keep the real Wesley Eisold still hidden from his audience, it seems as though he finally knows who he (and by extension Cold Cave) is." Chad Parkhill

Read our review of Full Cold Moon here

39. Paula Temple @ Bloc. Weekender

Listen to Paula Temple live at Bloc. Weekender here

"Paula Temple’s early Saturday evening set wields furnace-hot, metal machine techno, but with a deftness of touch that’s striking for music so physically heavy: acres of space remain open around the crunch and roar of collapsing sheet steel and the hollow boom of kickdrums, so rather than overtly claustrophobic her DJing feels freeing and lightfooted, while still stormingly intense - an enjoyable contrast to the impact-led feeling of sets by contemporaries like Perc." Rory Gibb Read our review of Bloc here

38. Richard Dawson - The Magic Bridge

"Personally, I don’t believe in genius. I put all of my stock in clear sightedness, originality, steadfastness of purpose, bloody-mindedness, meticulous planning, quick wittedness and other, much easier to quantify attributes. However if there’s one currently operational musician who has genuinely made me reassess this belief in recent years then it’s the folk singer Richard Dawson. If there’s another songwriter out there in 2015 with a deeper understanding of their craft than Dawson, then I’m unaware of who it is." John Doran

Read our interview with Richard Dawson here

37. Mount Eerie - No Flashlight
(P.W. Elverum & Sun)

"Phil Elverum, the folk-noise musician and recording engineer that is Mount Eerie, is all too aware of how critics view him: he is a loner genius surrounded by natural beauty, tinkering with magnetic tape in a moss-covered hideout. Resistant, as we all are, to misunderstandings, he goes to great lengths to set the record straight. No Flashlight, his first album as Mount Eerie, opens with the track 'I Know No One', on which the narrator half speaks, half sings: "Knowing no one will understand these words, I have tried to repeatedly explain in complicated songs". Underneath, an urgent, sustained pitch rises to fill the mix, insistent. But the meaning latent in these lines is cryptic, peculiar: is the joke on us, or him? Elverum's songs are simple, by some measures, yet we never can seem to hear them right. Now we have another chance." Elizabeth Newton

Read our review of No Flashlight here

36. Gigi Masin - Wind
(The Bear on the Moon)

35. Bruce - FabricLive x Hessle Audio

"With only two releases to his name thus far, via Hessle Audio and Livity Sound sub-label Dnous Ytivil, Bristol’s Larry McCarthy appears to have a number of projects lined up for next year. His own productions and sets rooted in skeletal, dubbed-out house and techno, this promo mix for Fabric showcases some of those stark productions while also taking in a selection of distinctly moody, heads down techno from Porter Ricks, Laurel Halo, Pangaea and Regis among others." Christian Eede

34. Cat’s Eyes - The Duke Of Burgundy

"Part of the challenge when making a soundtrack is to act as an undercurrent. In something like Brokeback Mountain, which is really simple and minimal, the music almost becomes part of the landscape. The way it's phrased and shaped. It gets inside you." Rachel Zeffira of Cat's Eyes

Read Cat's Eyes' Bakers Dozen here

33. Orlando & Tomaga - Play Time: Music For Video Games

"Tomaga are an ambient industrial drone jazz unit featuring Valentina Magaletti (Orlando, Bat For Lashes, $hit & $hine) and Tom Relleen (The Oscillation, All Time Low records) who spin out a smoky web on minimal kit and Korg synth. For their afternoon set at Incubate Radio they are joined by Cathy Lucas of Orlando who coaxes a dark pulse out of her musical saw. And all outside the glass fronted studio, children play in the sunshine, curious pensioners peer in through the window and happy lowlanders drink beer under parasols as the session is broadcast to all. Once again, the patronising idea that members of the general public will automatically have a nervous breakdown if exposed to experimental music is smashed into the ground." John Doran

32. Mogwai - Central Belters
(Rock Action Records)

"For a band with a history and sound as rich as Mogwai's, it's not unfair to suggest that Central Belters – a three disc selection of the band's biggest hitters and rarities – has been a long time coming. However, to place too much in the hands of warranty would be a disservice. There's much to be said for longevity and consistency, and in the case of Mogwai it seems they've found that balance in the purist of all places." Jack Mckeever

Read our review of Central Belters here

31. Tove Agelii - NTS

30. British Sea Power - Sea Of Brass
(Golden Chariot)

Over the past few years, British Sea Power's chief success has been in revisiting much of their back catalogue and reconfiguring it, whether for the superlative soundtrack to BBC documentary From The Sea To The Land Beyond or this collaboration with various brass bands. As ever with BSP, this isn't some exercise in nostalgia, but a strange and glorious challenge to themselves in an age where the standard trope for the indie rock group wishing to bolster their sound is still to whack an orchestra on top. Luke Turner

29. Simon Kirby, Tommy Perman and Rob St John - Concrete Antenna
(Random Spectacular)

The dialogue between field recordings as pure document of place and subsequent musical projects derived from the gathered materials has been increasingly prominent in recent years. This collaboration is the echo of a sound installation by the three artists in a new 28m tall tower that rises above a new extension at the Edinburgh Sculpture workshop. Alongside sounds derived from the structure itself the trio seamlessly blend in piano, brass, children at play, birdsong and a bouncing pingpong ball in a quietly affecting sculpture in sound. Luke Turner

28. Coil - Backwards
(Cold Spring)

The wait for official reissues of the Coil back catalogue has been a long and, as played out on various really batty bits of the internet, a painful one. In the interim, Cold Spring's release of the ‘original' versions of tracks that eventually saw light of day on 2008's The New Backwards is something of a stopgap. It's perhaps most intriguing for the rough and ready versions of ‘Fire Of The Mind' and ‘A Cold Cell', the esoteric hymnals that would become the finest moments on Coil's swan song, The Ape Of Naples. Luke Turner

27. Lena Platonos - Gallop
(Dark Entries)

"In a long list of excellent reissues from the Dark Entries label in 2015, this LP, originally released in 1985, takes in smokey synth jams from Greek musician Lena Platonos, one in a line of under-appreciated releases in the 80s from Platonos and her 808." Christian Eede

26. Sun Ra And His Arkestra - To Those Of Earth… And Other Worlds

"Sales of Sun Ra's records were sporadic and many of his carefully self-designed pressings sometimes went destroyed, thus making his music difficult to track down today. To Those of Earth… And Other Worlds in particular was retrieved by Sun Ra archivist and ex-Arkestra percussionist Michael D. Anderson, who took it upon himself to provide a storage space for his numerous reels and tapes. What's novel about these recordings in particular however, thanks to Anderson, is that they come directly from the original recordings and aren't reissued from old LPs… I'd be an annoying contrarian if I said that these didn't sound more nuanced than other Sun Ra recordings." Lottie Brazier

25. The The - Hyena
(Death Waltz)

"Matt Johnson has dusted off some vintage gear, namely a MiniMoog and Roland SH101 as well as an array of analog effects and set it all up in conjunction with a tape delay feedback system, using two multi-head tape recorders; a setup innovated in the early 60s by Terry Riley (and his engineer) who called it the Time Lag Accumulator. It’s a rich, deep and very satisfying listen and those acquainted with Mind Bomb or Burning Blue Soul or Dusk for example will be surprised, I would imagine, at the sublime drones and narcotic ambient passages it contains." John Doran

Read our review of Hyena here

24. Ben UFO @ Factory, Osaka

"A 210-minute summation of what has made many come to believe that Ben UFO is the best DJ in the world, right now at least. Seamlessly stitching together the old with the new and moving through a variety of the sounds that have informed the Hessle Audio label that he co-runs with Pearson Sound and Pangaea, the recording captures Ben’s position as both the crowd-pleasing club DJ and the radio DJ often doling out unreleased and forgotten gems through the Hessle Audio show on Rinse FM." Christian Eede

23. Perc & Truss @ Chateau, Amsterdam

Another year, another Perc and Truss mix recorded in the Netherlands nestling high on The Quietus' reissues etc round-up. Quite what it is in the Dutch water that sends the duo to such highly enjoyable heights of lunacy is anyone's guess, but this set outdoes even anything they've put online before in both savagery and utterly potty sense of fun. Perhaps it's the fact that at the end of all this belting selections there's a deranged Dutch MC yelling about "Perrcccc ooooooond Truuuuuuuuuusssss". Can we get him over for the duo’s next outing at Corsica Studios? Luke Turner

22. Francis The Great - Ravissante, Baby/Look Up In The Sky
(Hot Casa)

"After coveting my pal Horton Jupiter's copy of this record for ages, I nearly dropped £270 on an original copy during a 'moment of madness' on Discogs late one night. I didn't, and then when literally a week later I saw that Hot Casa had finally reissued it on vinyl while shopping in Sounds Of The Universe I could have kissed the woman behind the counter... Sorry Horton." John Doran

21. Mariah - Utakata No Hibi
(Palto Flats)

"My introduction to Mariah came through a Resident Advisor mix by Lena Willikens just last year. Closing out on the delicate sounds of 'Shinzo No Tobira', I soon began to obsess over what else had emerged from the Japanese new wave band. This, the final album from the band, had been fetching hundreds of pounds on Discogs prices well before its much-needed repress this year. Offering a number of soothing delights, the aforementioned 'Shinzo No Tobira' with its faint drums and swooning melody is undoubtedly the highlight." Christian Eede

20. Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds - Abattoir Blues/The Lyre Of Orpheus

"Imagine there's a new band in town. Now imagine you're about to play their debut single 'Get Ready For Love'. After hearing it people would get down on their knees and weep, declaring rock & roll saved. They would feel like they had just been socked on the jaw by John The Baptist. "Just listen to that young man singing, like the whole of existence depended on it!" they would cheer. Because in reality it was only the fact that Nick Cave was three decades into his career that stopped people hearing exactly how great this song was." John Doran

19. Alejandro Jodorowsky, Don Cherry And Ronald Frangipane - The Holy Mountain OST
(Finders Keepers)

"We need to study myth to be a wise person. A normal person is living just like an animal or a plant and if we want to develop, to grow inside, we need myths – old knowledge, traditional knowledge, these are looking for something that is lost: alchemy was searching for that, magic was searching for that, religion was searching for that. "Where is the centre of the universe?", "How do I find the centre?": some persons, they say the centre is the heart. And the centre of the heart is love. Love is beauty. We cannot know the truth but we can know love and beauty." Alejandro Jodorowsky

Read our interview with Alejandro Jodorowsky here

18. Bourbonese Qualk - Bourbonese Qualk 1983-87

"A seriously underrated experimental group, this release includes some of their earliest work taking tracks from five albums: ‘Laughing Afternoon’, ‘Hope’, ‘The Spike’, ‘Preparing For Power’ and the self-titled ‘Bourbonese Qualk’ released on their own Recloose Organisation and New International Records labels. As Mannequin report, 'most of the material found here was recorded in their studio at the Ambulance Station, a large empty building on the Old Kent Road in South London which they turned into a base for their activities and a co-operative for artists, musicians and writers as well as a centre for radical political activism – specifically as a co-ordinating centre for the ‘Stop The City’ anti-capitalist riots of 1984-1986'." Sophie Coletta

17. DJ Metatron - This Is Not Giegling 07

With releases from Traumprinz and DJ Metatron few and far between, fans of the Giegling label will take whatever they can get from the mysterious producer. Comprised mostly of unreleased material and stitched together not so much as a mix but more as a form of collage, Metatron’s contribution to the Giegling mix series is every bit as enchanting and introspective as much of his productions have been to date with the haunting, trance-y chords of ‘State of Me’ forming a particularly stunning centrepiece at the 28-minute mark. Christian Eede

16. Carter Tutti - Carter Tutti Plays Chris & Cosey
(Conspiracy International)

"Carter Tutti Plays Chris & Cosey is one of those unusual career summaries with a shot at justifying itself, and it absolutely does. Gathering and reworking classic live versions of Chris & Cosey songs made between the 1980s and 1990s, it plays as one chain of timeless sure-shots." Lior Phillips

Read our review of Carter Tutti Plays Chris & Cosey here

15. X-NAVI:ET - Dead City Voice Remix Project
(Zoharum/Instant Classic)

"Poland has a sizeable population of artists mining the world's non-melodic matter to dramatic effect. Torùn's Rafal Iwański released Dead City Voice in 2013 - a parade of elusive loops whose textures wove a bleak, impressionistic tapestry of urban environments. Inspired by the three remixes ending Sudden Infant's Psychotic Einzelkind that saw Z'ev, Lasse Marhaug and Thurston Moore repurpose Joke Lanz' harsh rhythms, Iwański scattered his files to sympathetic ears across the globe and presents the returned results here. The remixes often stay closer than expected to the character of the originals, as if passed through a filter to bring out buried nuances as opposed to torn apart to build new statements." Russell Cuzner Read our review of Dead City Voice Remix Project here

14. Spectre - Ruff Kutz

"It's entirely plausible that drugs were involved." Matt Colegate

13. Various - In A Moment
(Ghost Box)

"From the very start, Ghost Box have understood that music is about memory. As well as providing sensory pleasure, music acts as a gateway to all manner of subconscious echoes and archived references, both time machine and personal lexicon. The genius move of Ghost Box founders Jim Jupp and Julian House is to have explicitly engaged with music's power to invoke the past, digging into the cultural landfill and psychic mulch of the mid-60s to early 80s to create an entire world to soundtrack." Joe Banks Read our review of In A Moment here

12. Nurse With Wound - Soliloquy For Lilith
(United Jnana)

"I'm afraid. I'm afraid, Dave. Dave, my mind is going. I can feel it. I can feel it. My mind is going. There is no question about it. I can feel it. I can feel it. I can feel it. I'm a... fraid." Hal 9000

11. *AR - Memorious Earth

"The work of both Richard Skelton and Autumn Richardson, who together run the Corbel Stone Press publishing house, displays a deep kinship with the notion of ecosystems as interacting assemblies of aware, thinking entities - captured in the title of this year's book and collection of their music as *AR, Memorious Earth. Their music and art connect the rural hauntological dreamscapes of musicians like Coil or Kemper Norton to a weirder and more feral feeling of being stalked by ecosystemic memory." Rory Gibb Read our Wreath Lecture on climate change music here

10. When - Black Death
(Ideologic Organ)

"This is a revelation. The album, made by Lars Pedersen of Holy Toy, represents a sonic journey into the plague ravaged heart of Norway of post-1349 which killed two thirds of the country's population, drawing direct influence from Theodor Kittelsen's dark turn of the 20th century drawings on the subject. Veering away from the industrial rock he'd made his name with, this is an altogether more unique mix of musique concrete, dark ambient, sound FX and traditional Norwegian folk. It was, by accounts, a big influence on the first wave of Norwegian black metal bands and quite clearly Wardruna as well." John Doran

9. Kuedo - Truancy Volume 117

"To be played once a week, every week. "I expect it will work in post office lines, bus stops. Various public transport & queue situations," said Jamie Teasdale of his recent mix for Truants." Sophie Coletta

8. Aphex Twin - Soundcloud Dump
"I'm hoping that all of this purging that's been going on in the RDJ camp over the last year; all of this airing of archive material as albums, EPs and Soundcloud dumps, represents an act of blowing the chambers or clearing space for a new phase of creativity or even a brand new project perhaps." John Doran Read John Doran on AFX here

7. Jonathan Meades - Pedigree Mongrel
(Test Centre)

"Jonathan Meades recorded a number of readings from his books Pompey, Museum Without Walls and An Encyclopaedia Of Myself for the album Pedigree Mongrel. Combined with the lush soundscapes of Mordant Music, the release is intended as both a retrospective of Meades' writing, as well as a new, standalone work from the esteemed writer and journalist." Christian Eede

6. Cassie - Cassie
(Be With)

"I don’t know what I was doing in 2006 (it probably involved ketamine, Wolf Eyes, Crown Royal bourbon and sleeping behind a hedge down the park) but shamefully I wasn’t listening to this album with its ultra crisp, economical production, giant shiny hooks and ultra-satisfying bass, with tracks evenly divided between clubby R&B and straight up pop. Now, I’m aware that opening track ‘Me & U’ received over nine million plays on Cassie's MySpace before the album was even released and that I'm hardly voyaging into unknown territory here, but it is often the way when you’re immersed in the world of extreme metal that you can miss out on these things. And to be fair to me, most R&B fans probably weren’t all over Things Viral by Khanate at the time either." John Doran

Read our review of Cassie here

5. Objekt @ Freerotation

For those of us who've never been, annual invite-only electronic music festival "FreeRo" can seem like an oddly cliquey sort of thing where everyone returns with suspiciously hippy-tinged beatific smiles, a techno version of evangelical Christianity's Spring Harvest. Then again, there's no denying the quality of the sets that emerge for us lesser, unenlightened mortals after the festival each year, and this utterly glorious, soaring journey via little-known bits of of EBM, Underground Resistance, Plastikman, Aphex and so on is an absolute belter.  Luke Turner

4. Masahiko Sato - Belladonna
(Finders Keepers)

"This year's 'Oh my woolly word - I've just got to have it!' award goes to this essential soundtrack reissue from a Japanese animated witch feature Belladonna Of Sadness (Kanashimi no Belladonna) directed by anime screenwriter Eiichi Yamamoto in 1973 which is folky, funky, free and far out in equal measure. Who knew? Well, Finders Keepers, obviously." John Doran

3. Ata Kak - Obaa Sima
(Awesome Tapes From Africa)

"Obaa Sima represents a nascent, rugged form of Ghanian pop-dance. Built upon secondhand drum-machine rhythms and built-in synth sounds, Ata Kak's original DAT had become so degraded over the years that [Awesome Tapes From Africa boss] Brian Shimkovitz was forced to rely on his own cassette copy for the official release. It also turns out the original tracks had been sped up by Owusu in post-production, giving the music a giddy helium-like quality. If anything, these factors only add to the lo-fi strangeness of this short album." Charlie Frame

Read our review of Obaa Sima here

2. Insanlar - Kime Ne
(Honest Jons)

"This amazing double set of 12-inches on the Honest Jon’s label must be my most played vinyl purchase of the year so far. I don’t know much about the Turkish psych disco trio Insanlar (meaning “Humankind”), but I do know they’re hellaciously smoking and adept at laying down warped, trance-inducing grooves with pitch-shifted vocals and improvised baglama, all bolstered with just the right amount of acid house flourishes. Kime Ne (meaning “So what?”) was recorded live at Mini Muzikhol studios in Istanbul in 2010, and features modernised verses by the 17th-century poet Kul Nesîmî and 16th-century icon Pir Sultan Abdal for its lyrical content. Even at 24 minutes long, I never really want this track to end … and then they go and throw in two remixes by a back-on-form Ricardo Villalobos. What more could you ask for, really?" John Doran for the Guardian

1. Regis - Manbait
(Blackest Ever Black)

"The Wombles were performing to a 'Glitter Beat' backing, wildly dancing and dancing with so much energy and elation that it was almost infectious and indeed people started to join in, but I noticed even with this amazing display of great happiness and exhilaration, their eyes were black and dead, especially Tomsk who was my favourite. I think that level of performance with dead eyes to a glitter beat has been my inspiration ever since." Karl 'Regis' O'Connor

Read our review of Manbait here

The Quietus Reissues, Compilations & Mixes etc. Of The Year 2015

ONE: Regis - Manbait (Blackest Ever Black)
TWO: Insanlar - Kime Ne (Honest Jons)
THREE: Ata Kak - Obaa Sima (Awesome Tapes From Africa)
FOUR: Masahiko Sato - Belladonna (Finders Keepers)
FIVE: Objekt @ Freerotation (mix)
SIX: Cassie - Cassie (Be With)
SEVEN: Jonathan Meades - Pedigree Mongrel (Test Centre)
EIGHT: Aphex Twin - Soundcloud Dump (self-released)
NINE: Kuedo - Truancy Volume 117 (mix)
TEN: When - Black Death (Ideologic Organ)
ELEVEN: *AR - Memorious Earth (Retrospective)
TWELVE: Nurse With Wound - Soliloquy For Lilith (United Jnana)
THIRTEEN: Various - In A Moment… (Ghost Box)
FOURTEEN: Spectre - Ruff Kutz (PAN)
FIFTEEN: X-NAVI:ET - Dead City Voice Remix Project (Zoharum/Instant Classic)
SIXTEEN: Carter Tutti - Carter Tutti Play Chris And Cosey (Conspiracy International)
SEVENTEEN: DJ Metatron - This Is Not Giegling 07 (mix)
EIGHTEEN: Bourbonese Qualk - Bourbonese Qualk 1983-87 (Mannequin Records)
NINETEEN: Alejandro Jodorowsky, Don Cherry and Ronald Frangipane - The Holy Mountain OST (Finders Keepers)
TWENTY: Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds - Abattoir Blues/The Lyre Of Orpheus (Mute)
TWENTY ONE: Mariah - Utakata No Hibi (Palto Flats)
TWENTY TWO: Francis The Great - Ravissante, Baby/Look Up In The Sky (Hot Casa)
TWENTY THREE: Perc & Truss @ Chateau, Amsterdam (mix)
TWENTY FOUR: Ben UFO @ Factory, Osaka (mix)
TWENTY FIVE: The The - Hyena (Death Waltz)
TWENTY SIX: Sun Ra And His Arkestra - To Those Of Earth… And Other Worlds (Strut)
TWENTY SEVEN: Lena Platonos - Gallop (Dark Entries)
TWENTY EIGHT: Coil - Backwards (Cold Spring)
TWENTY NINE: Simon Kirby, Tommy Perman and Rob St John - Concrete Antenna (Random Spectacular)
THIRTY: British Sea Power - Sea Of Brass (Golden Chariot)
THIRTY ONE: Tove Agelii - NTS (mix)
THIRTY TWO: Mogwai - Central Belters (Rock Action Records)
THIRTY THREE: Orlando & Tomaga - Play Time: Music For Video Games (RAM)
THIRTY FOUR: Cat’s Eyes - The Duke Of Burgundy (Raf)
THIRTY FIVE: Bruce - FabricLive x Hessle Audio (mix)
THIRTY SIX: Gigi Masin - Wind (The Bear on the Moon)
THIRTY SEVEN: Mount Eerie - No Flashlight (P.W. Elverum & Sun)
THIRTY EIGHT: Richard Dawson - The Magic Bridge (Domino)
THIRTY NINE: Paula Temple @ Bloc (mix)
FORTY: Cold Cave - Full Cold Moon (Deathwish Inc.)
FORTY ONE: Amorphous Androgynous - A Monstrous Psychedelic Bubble (Exploding In Your Mind) - The Wizards Of Oz (Monstrous Bubble)
FORTY TWO: Hessle Audio @ Freerotation (mix)
FORTY THREE: Cairo Liberation Front - Bring The Noise Part V: The New Wave of Egyptian Wedding Rave 12 (mix)
FORTY FOUR: Eleh - Homage (Important)
FORTY FIVE: Beatriz Ferrerya - GRM Works (Editions Mego)
FORTY SIX: Soichi Terada Presents - Sounds of the Far East (Rush Hour)
FORTY SEVEN: Smersh - Super Heavy Solid Waste (Dark Entries)
FORTY EIGHT: Jane Weaver - The Amber Light (Bird)
FORTY NINE: Miss Red - Murder (mixtape)
FIFTY: Nisennenmondai - Live At Clouds Hill (Clouds Hill)
FIFTY ONE: Swans - White Light From The Mouth Of Infinity/Love Of Life box set (Mute)
FIFTY TWO: Charlemagne Palestine & Grumbling Fur Time Machine Orchestra - Live At Cafe Oto (Important)
FIFTY THREE: Erasure - Always: The Very Best Of (Mute)
FIFTY FOUR: Jaime Williams - Contort #12 (mix)
FIFTY FIVE: Simple Minds - The Vinyl Collection (79, 84) (Universal)
FIFTY SIX: Various Artists - Root Hog Or Die: 100 Songs, 100 Years: An Alan Lomax Centennial Tribute (Mississippi)
FIFTY SEVEN: Lena Willikens - Guest Mix for Hessle Audio, Rinse FM (mix)
FIFTY EIGHT: Various Artists - Berlin Atonal Vol. 3 (Berlin Atonal)
FIFTY NINE: Various Artists - Next Stop Soweto (Strut)
SIXTY: Harmonia - Complete (Groenland)
SIXTY ONE: Various Artists - Mahraganaat 100Copies (100 Copies)
SIXTY TWO: KMD - Blck Bst_rds (Metal Face)
SIXTY THREE: Beautiful Swimmers - Trilogy Tapes Mixtape (The Trilogy Tapes)
SIXTY FOUR: Peter Christopherson - Live At L'Étrange Festival 2004 (Black Mass Rising)
SIXTY FIVE: Haku - Na Mele A Ka Haku (EM)
SIXTY SIX: Hypnosaurus - 1991-1992 (Porridge Bullet)
SIXTY SEVEN: Various Artists - µ20 (Planet Mu)
SIXTY EIGHT: Jock Scott - My Personal Culloden (Forever Heavenly)
SIXTY NINE: Nkisi @ Boiler Room (mix)
SEVENTY: Oake - Live In Marseille (Ascetic House)
SEVENTY ONE: Peverelist Vs A Made Up Sound @ Dekmantel (mix)
SEVENTY TWO: Jack Latham - Lux Laze (Utter)
SEVENTY THREE: Leif and Joe Ellis - Juno Plus Podcast 126: UntilMyHeartStops (mix)
SEVENTY FOUR: Bescombes/Rizet - Pôle (Gonzaï)
SEVENTY FIVE: William S Burroughs - Nothing Here Now But The Recordings (Dais)
SEVENTY SIX: Test Dept - Tested Product (PC Press)
SEVENTY SEVEN: Clipse - Lord Willin’ (Get On Down)
SEVENTY EIGHT: Hieroglyphic Being - The Acid Documents (Soul Jazz)
SEVENTY NINE: Units - Digital Stimulation (Futurismo)
EIGHTY: Ami Shavit - Alpha 1 (Finders Keepers)
EIGHTY ONE: Mdou Moctar - Akounak Tedalat Taha Tazoughai (Sahell Sounds)
EIGHTY TWO: Konstrukt and Akira Sakata - Kaishi/開始: Live at Kargart (Holiday)
EIGHTY THREE: Various Artists - Trevor Jackson Presents: Science Fiction Dancehall Classics 1 (On-U Sound)
EIGHTY FIVE: Patrick Cowley - Muscle Up (Dark Entries)
EIGHTY SIX: Fadaul - Sid Redad (Habibi Funk)
EIGHTY SEVEN: Normil Hawaiians - Return Of The Ranters (Upset The Rhythm)
EIGHTY EIGHT: Locean - ‘Traine’ (Tesla Tapes)
EIGHTY NINE: Florian Fricke/Popol Vuh - Kailash (Soul Jazz)
NINETY: Terminal Cheesecake - Cheese Brain Fondue (En Concert Á L'Embobineuse, Marseille) (Artificial Head)
NINETY ONE: Broadcast - Tender Buttons (Warp)
NINETY TWO: Evian Christ @ Great British Trance Off (mix)
NINETY THREE: Ernesto Chahoud - Jakarta Radio Middle Eastern 010 (mix)
NINETY FOUR: Else Marie Pade - Electronic Works 1958 - 1995 (Important)
NINETY FIVE: Fela Kuti - Roforofo Fight (Knitting Factory)
NINETY SIX: Sarr Band - Double Action (Boom)
NINETY SEVEN: Paranoid London - Paranoid London (Paranoid London)
NINETY EIGHT: EndgamE - Liminal Sounds Vol. 47 (mix)
NINETY NINE: Sun City Girls - Torch Of The Mystics (Abduction)
ONE HUNDRED: Various Artists - French Disco Boogie Sounds (1975 - 1984) (Favorite)