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WATCH: Holly Herndon - 'Chorus'
The Quietus , January 21st, 2014 10:56

Watch the video for 'Chorus', the lead track from the new 12" from RVNG affiliated electronic artist

This week, US-based sound artist and electronic musician Holly Herndon released a new 12" single via RVNG Intl. Entitled Chorus, it's the follow up to 2012's Movement album, which found her digitally processing the sounds of her own voice into compositions that were by turns stark, enveloping and unsettling. The new single's two tracks further develop ideas touched upon in her debut - 'Chorus', which you can watch the excellent video for above, takes the wonky, acidic dance-pop of Movement's most accessible moments and builds it into a seething vortex of glassy vocal fragments, while 'Solo Voice' is more in keeping with her debut's sparser and more heavily processed segments.

Chorus is out now on digital and limited 12" vinyl through RVNG Intl. According to the label, Herndon will also be offering a "web-based tool allowing users to compose their own version of 'Chorus' around a browser based experience." For more information, click here to visit the RVNG website.