Baker's Dozen

Artists discuss the 13 records that shaped their lives

8. TelevisionMarquee Moon

The reason I love this record, apart from it being an absolutely incredible record, is that up until hearing Marquee Moon I wrote songs on my own and when it came to putting things together with a band, I would always have in my mind that I would play chords and then break for a solo and then have some more chords.

A friend of mine who is a great guitarist himself asked me whether I had heard a song called ‘Marquee Moon’ and suggested we try learning the guitar parts together. We sat down like teenagers and tried to learn them. I suddenly realised that you can have loops of really intricate riffs – it doesn’t have to be just chords and solos. So, Marquee Moon changed my attitude to arranging – in terms of the guitars – a song.

But then, weirdly, after that the track ‘Marquee Moon’ began to haunt me out. I had some gigs in Australia and Brazil and I figured out that if the record company gave me a round-the-world ticket it would be cheaper for them and also mean I could go to places like Thailand and Chile in between the tour. And every single place I went I would hear the track ‘Marquee Moon’ being played on local radio stations. It started to become really, really creepy.

So, when I came back from the tour I thought I better buy the bloody record as it was haunting me. I found it for a quid in a charity shop as if everything was lining up for me to listen to this record in its entirety. And I did, thankfully, and it has just really changed my attitude to playing guitar and how I could structure things differently in terms of guitar playing.

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