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Take It From The Man! Anton Newcombe’s Favourite Tracks

With The Brian Jonestown Massacre's UK and Ireland tour in support of recent LP Revelation starting in Brighton on Saturday, the band's frontman shirks the album rundown request, opens up his DJ bag and gives Julian Marszalek a top 13 songs mixtape

If there’s a common thread that runs through the Baker’s Dozen section it’s that artists struggle and anguish over which 13 albums make their final cut. What’s to go in? What’s to be left out? Will the subject’s mind change before publication? Decisions, decisions…

The Brian Jonestown Massacre’s Anton Newcombe is no different. But it’s not just the choosing of albums that causes Newcombe consternation; it’s that he doesn’t really like discussing other people’s music.

"I was never one of those guys that sit around and talk music with people because I’ve always been interested in playing music. I even find this a little bit weird," he tells the Quietus via Skype from his Berlin studio. "As much as I’ve been into music my whole life, owning thousands of records or something, that’s not been my connection to other people."

But that’s not to say that Newcombe isn’t a music fan. Far from it. In addition to his day-to-day duties with The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Newcombe can often be found spinning records either for Berlin-based radio stations or at gigs, clubs and parties and, as exemplified by his choices for his Baker’s Dozen, is a man with catholic tastes. He’s just not that stoked about discussing them.

"Music’s been my personal salvation; it’s like my church or something that I go to," he says. "There’s a refuge that I seek and that’s what I identify with the music and that’s something that I can’t really share with people, and it kind of annoys me when other people get into it, although I do a little bit with people. It all depends on my mood."

Thankfully, Newcombe is in a fine mood. In an interview punctuated with much laughter and a genuine love of his choices that’s palpable throughout, the psychedelic overlord proves to be highly entertaining (virtual) company. But there is a caveat. Any attempts to choose his favourite 13 albums ended with head-spinning frustration on his part so Newcombe has instead elected to open his DJ bag to choose 13 songs.

"This can sort of be my mixtape to you," he laughs as we begin to go through his choices…

The Brian Jonestown Massacre’s new album Revelation is out now via A Records. The play Concorde 2 in Brighton on Saturday, June 28, before touring; head to their website for full details. Click on his image below to begin scrolling through Anton’s choices

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