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Baker's Dozen

Dark Nights Of The Soul: Chelsea Wolfe’s Baker’s Dozen
Greg Hyde , January 24th, 2024 10:42

From a teenage love of Fleetwood Mac and Baz Luhrmann's Romeo + Juliet soundtrack, to real life encounters with Sunn O))) and Smashing Pumpkins, Chelsea Wolfe talks to Greg Hyde about the 13 records that most impacted her life


True Widow – Circumambulation

We toured with True Widow in 2013 when this album came out. They were playing a lot of that music. True Widow are my friends, and I loved that tour with them. I also truly think they’re one of the coolest and best modern bands around. When I decided to put them in this [list], I went back, listened to their records, and remembered that this one really is my favourite. Again, this was a hard band to choose, because I think they have a lot of really great music, but there are so many good songs on Circumambulation.

They live in Dallas and I’m in California, so we’re in different states, but we’ve kept in touch and I will love them forever. I think one of the coolest things about them, on top of the moods, the wonderful tones, and the slow groove, is the fact that they have two really great vocalists, Dan [Phillips] and Nicole [Estill]. I love when a band has two singers and you just love listening to both of them. They sound good on their own and interacting with each other. They’re one of those bands where it’s never not a good time to put them on. You can listen to True Widow when you’re doing anything.