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Squarepusher Details New Album, 'Dostrotime'
John Doran , January 23rd, 2024 10:06

He's also shared a video for lead single 'Wendorlan', which comes with a photosensitive warning

Squarepusher has shared details of a new album, titled Dostrotime.

Due out in March, the album is preceded by lead single 'Wendorlan', for which you can watch a video above. The visual was made by the artist, real name Tom Jenkinson, himself, using an oscilloscope. He filmed it in one take, he said in a statement, "using custom processing to generate the XY signal from components of track audio and control data".

Speaking more widely about Dostrotime, Jenkinson added: "For me, the lockdown of 2020 will always stand out as a remarkable time partly for the viscerality of its terrors, but also because of its novel, eerie, sublime silence. It afforded me (and no doubt other fortunate loners) a respite from the incessant distractions that can get in the way of important things such as doing nothing – or recording music."

Warp Records will release Dostrotime on March 1, 2024.