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Kristin Hayter Unveils New Alias And Album, 'SAVED!'
Christian Eede , August 22nd, 2023 20:05

Having retired her Lingua Ignota project earlier this year, the US artist will now be known as Reverend Kristin Michael Hayter

Kristin Hayter has shared details of her first music since retiring her Lingua Ignota alias earlier this year.

The US artist will now go by the name Reverend Kristin Michael Hayter on future material and is set to release a new album, titled SAVED! Spanning 11 tracks, it features covers of a number of gospel standards as well as several original cuts. While working on the album, Hayter committed high-fidelity recordings of each song to a 4-track recorder, and then further degraded them on a number of small, half-broken cassette players. You can watch a video for the album's lead track, 'ALL OF MY FRIENDS ARE GOING TO HELL', above.

Hayter retired the Lingua Ignota alias at the start of 2023 in a move that, she said, would allow her to put her mental health first and stop being "mired in the past." Announcing her decision to leave the alias behind, she added: "It is not healthy for me to relive my worst experiences over and over through [Lingua Ignota], and my healing has finally allowed me to feel how painful that is."

Perpetual Flame Ministries will release SAVED! on October 20, 2023.