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Kristin Hayer To Retire Lingua Ignota Project
Christian Eede , November 3rd, 2022 12:20

"It is not healthy for me to relive my worst experiences over and over," she said in a statement about the move

Kristin Hayter is winding down her Lingua Ignota project.

Announcing her decision to retire the alias, Hayter said that an upcoming run of tour dates into early 2023 will be the last chance for audiences to catch her play tracks from the project live. She added that moving on from Lingua Ignota would allow her to put her mental health first and stop being "mired in the past."

In a social media post, Hayter wrote: "I have so much gratitude for what has been afforded me, and the beauty of the community that has gathered around what I do. Committing myself to this project and all that has come with it has also been acutely painful. This time last year I was non-functional. Then, out of desperation, I gave myself permission to heal for the first time. There is still so much work for me to do, but these months of personal growth have allowed me to see myself clearly, my strengths and my shortcomings."

She continued: "I want to live a healthy, happy life and have changed much in myself and my surroundings to bring light in. As such the art has to change too. It is not healthy for me to relive my worst experiences over and over through [Lingua Ignota], and my healing has finally allowed me to feel how painful that is. I am taking a new direction with my music and I am looking forward to the future. I want to let you know in light of some (very cool) things that will be announced soon that I am retiring this catalogue, this pain. This era is over for me. I will give my final performances of this music everything I have, and I look forward to the actual great pleasure of interpreting hymns for you."

In a further statement given to Pitchfork, Hayter said: "While I may continue as Lingua Ignota – if I can transform the project in a way that makes sense for my health and healing – I will be retiring all music I've made up till now after my upcoming tour and a few unannounced special performances in spring of 2023. This music has been excruciating to perform, and I know that what is healthiest for me is to stop performing it."

Hayter launched Lingua Ignota in 2017, self-releasing two albums – Let The Evil Of His Own Lips Cover Him and All Bitches Die – that same year. Two further studio albums have followed since: 2019's Caligula and 2021's Sinner Get Ready.