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Baker's Dozen

Thirteen Convulsions: Geordie Greep's Favourite Albums
Cal Cashin , July 20th, 2022 13:19

Black Midi frontman Geordie Greep takes Cal Cashin through the thirteen albums that have gripped him the most, from the majesty of Bach to the mania of Léo Ferré


AC/DC – If You Want Blood You Got It

I first heard this when I was a kid, there was all sorts of classic rock stuff around. My dad loved it. I hadn’t listened to AC/DC in years, until a little while ago. Me and Morgan were in the car with this guy Sizzle, who we work with, and we were playing songs in the car. We asked him what he’d been listening to, and he said If You Want Blood, You’ve Got It. We were cracking up, saying, “fair play”. But he said: “Nah, nah. Listen. It’s the best album of all time.” He put it on and it all just came back to me, I’d forgotten just how good it was.

If You Want Blood, You’ve Got It is the sound of a great live band at their absolute peak. It’s just great songs, done well. The guitars, drums and vocals are all perfectly balanced. There’s no messing around. Even Angus Young, while he’s doing these spectacularly showy guitar solos, is never out of place – he always fits them perfectly into the song, no noodling around.

They’re funny songs, too – my favourite track is ‘Bad Boy Boogie’. What the band do best is that they have an absolute mastery of tension. There are moments where they hold off the electrifying riff, or the chord change, for just long enough, and when it comes you’re at their disposal. A really wonderful thing. I think it’s probably the best ever live album, alongside Live At Leeds.