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Baker's Dozen

Thirteen Convulsions: Geordie Greep's Favourite Albums
Cal Cashin , July 20th, 2022 13:19

Black Midi frontman Geordie Greep takes Cal Cashin through the thirteen albums that have gripped him the most, from the majesty of Bach to the mania of Léo Ferré


Oneohtrix Point Never – Garden Of Delete

Comfortably the newest album on the list. I listened to Garden of Delete when it first came out, and I just think it’s great all the way through. One of the only modern electronic albums I’ve heard, where the sonic ingenuity is matched by the compositional brilliance. One one hand, it’s music that sounds completely alien, with all these mixtures of sampled and synthesised sound, but on the other, it’s just packed with brilliant melodies.

It’s a bit like how with Kraftwerk, even if you have no interest in how the music’s made, or the science fiction elements it has, you’ve still got brilliant melodies to enjoy. Garden of Delete is very much the same, its compositions are really intense. Each song has lots of different parts, and the record is packed with symphonic sounds. That said, I can’t say it’s the sort of thing I have any interest in seeing live. It’s so deliberately artificial on record, a studio masterpiece. It’s not music I’d want to dance to, it’s the kind of music I sit in my chair and listen to.