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Baker's Dozen

Pieces Of Life: Gaspar Noé's Favourite Films
Patrick Clarke , May 13th, 2022 08:01

On the release of his new film Vortex, Gaspar Noé takes Patrick Clarke through an intense and adventurous Baker's Dozen of favourite films, and the lessons they've taught him on the extent of human cruelty and the joy of shocking an audience


Les Yeux Sans Visage (Georges Franju, 1960)

Les Yeux Sans Visages, with Un Chien Andalou and Le Maman Et La Putain is one of my three favourite French movies ever. I wish, as with Un Chien Andalou, that I had seen the first screening of this film with the audience of 1960. The frontal horror is still nowadays very shocking. It’s like a fairy tale for adults, there’s something very childish and sweet like a lullaby, but also something extremely adult and cruel. It feels like a pre-Dario Argento movie. I think it was so shocking when it came out that in many countries they didn’t even release it because it was too much for its time.