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Baker's Dozen

Pieces Of Life: Gaspar Noé's Favourite Films
Patrick Clarke , May 13th, 2022 08:01

On the release of his new film Vortex, Gaspar Noé takes Patrick Clarke through an intense and adventurous Baker's Dozen of favourite films, and the lessons they've taught him on the extent of human cruelty and the joy of shocking an audience


La Maman Et La Putain (Jean Eustache, 1973)

I met Françoise Lebrun [star of Le Maman Et La Putain as well as Noé’s Vortex] three years ago, and I took her number, and when I had the possibility of doing a movie during the confinement last year, about two or three characters inside a single location, I immediately thought of doing a movie about dementia, and I immediately saw that she would be the perfect actress to play the female character in the movie. She impressed me so much in this movie. I am obsessed with her scenes. In life you meet people, but you also meet books, you meet paintings, and you meet movies, and the people who are onscreen of those movies feel familiar to you. So even if she hadn’t known me before, I felt that I’d known her all my life. It’s one of the rare French movies that I’ve seen ten times.