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Baker's Dozen

The Power And The Beauty: Tori Amos' Favourite Music
Lisa Jenkins , November 30th, 2021 07:30

From bonding with her daughter over Dolly Parton and Cocteau Twins to being starstruck by Billy Joel and Elton John, Tori Amos takes Lisa Jenkins through thirteen tracks that have defined her life and career


Heart – ‘Magic Man’ from Dreamboat Annie

Well, Tash is a big Barracuda fan, but for me Magic Man that was the one. You know, everybody has their Tom Cruise moment where they're singing into a hairbrush, when they're a teenager, and this was my singing into the hairbrush song for sure.

You know, these women were unbelievable, the Wilson sisters. And I feel like because of the time possibly, they weren't lauded as much as they deserved. The power of Ann's voice, she can stand up to any of those rock guys from that time. So yeah it was a hugely, what do you call it, ‘close the door’ moment as a teenage gal, and so empowering to hear this music, by these women.