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Baker's Dozen

The Power And The Beauty: Tori Amos' Favourite Music
Lisa Jenkins , November 30th, 2021 07:30

From bonding with her daughter over Dolly Parton and Cocteau Twins to being starstruck by Billy Joel and Elton John, Tori Amos takes Lisa Jenkins through thirteen tracks that have defined her life and career


Lindsey Buckingham – ‘Big Love’ Live In 2002

Again, when I put this list together Tash, Oliver her boyfriend, and I were sitting together. She was having a white wine spritzer. Oliver and I we were having some nice red wine, which she doesn’t drink. And we spent three hours just listening to music. And there were things that didn’t end up on the list because we only had thirteen We were listening to Fleetwood Mac, we were listening to ‘The Chain’, we were listening to different stuff and this was another one of her’s - where she said, “No guys, you’ve got this all wrong, you have to listen to this live version!” And I couldn’t believe the power and the ability of Lindsey Buckingham on his own. I couldn’t quite believe it, so phenomenal. And I know he’s talked about as a great guitar player but I think he’s even better than where people place him. And this live version, you can’t fool around with live... live is live!

We all get it wrong sometimes, and that’s just because if you play enough one night shows it’s just not going to come together. Whether it’s you or the sound of the room, it’s sometimes just oil and water. It’s not working and oh my God! But this is the opposite of that! It’s just like starlight!