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Baker's Dozen

Driving Home: Anika’s Favourite Music
Stephanie Phillips , July 21st, 2021 08:53

In this week’s Baker’s Dozen, Anika guides Stephanie Phillips through the records that made her, from the power of Grace Jones, Courtney Love and PJ Harvey, to the soothing effects of Goldie and Guru


Planningtorock – All Love's Legal

This one was a funny one. It also symbolises a very specific time in Berlin, because we were all sort of hanging out around that time, and this album was one where a lot of people that I know were involved in the process. It was somehow the soundtrack of this particular time period and it holds a very special memory because of that. I think Jam [Rostron] is someone that I respect highly. Someone that is a powerhouse, to quote one of her songs. They're someone that does a lot, pretty much everything by themselves.

This album is very important, especially for the queer community. It's such an up and down, backwards and forwards battle, some months everywhere seems to be more liberal, and other months not. I think it's great that Planningtorock has used the platform to actually be political. To overtly put across views and to try and knock walls down instead of building them up. That's why this record is extremely moving in that way.

It's quite a personal record. Jam was going through stuff at the time and it's just very transformational. It's this thing where it's figuring itself out during the record. It remains positive and it's danceable, and that's what's great about Jam's music. It deals with often quite drastic subjects, especially the latest one, but it stays so positive and danceable where it has this kind of cheeky attitude to it. That's what I really liked about this album.