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Baker's Dozen

Driving Home: Anika’s Favourite Music
Stephanie Phillips , July 21st, 2021 08:53

In this week’s Baker’s Dozen, Anika guides Stephanie Phillips through the records that made her, from the power of Grace Jones, Courtney Love and PJ Harvey, to the soothing effects of Goldie and Guru


Shackleton – Soundboy's Suicide Note

This is one of the records I bought when I was in London. I was doing this film project with my friend during the Olympics and we were sort of filming just the weird scenarios around it. Sadly, we never really finished that project, but this was one of the albums I bought when I was there. It was quite the scene, the dub scene when I was growing up. Shackleton's music was big amongst that crew. It was a funny coincidence when we did work together, but that was through a mutual friend. I didn't even know he was living in Berlin. He's an extremely talented bloke and putting together the live show with some very able classical musicians, it just shows how vast his knowledge is about music.

[This record] was often hard to fit into a DJ set, because it was like, what do I put before it, what do I put after it? It's just this car crash that that comes into the set at whatever time you choose. It’s a very dark album. It was one that I couldn't listen to if I was feeling a little bit down that day. His other albums are very different. There was a recent one that was really upbeat. This one had this just windy journey. His songs are like this murky journey through a jungle or something. It's such an odd experience. You can hear and tell that he's not just doing everything on a tiny on a grid. It's all treated differently; you can feel the textures going through.