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Baker's Dozen

Driving Home: Anika’s Favourite Music
Stephanie Phillips , July 21st, 2021 08:53

In this week’s Baker’s Dozen, Anika guides Stephanie Phillips through the records that made her, from the power of Grace Jones, Courtney Love and PJ Harvey, to the soothing effects of Goldie and Guru


Hole – Live Through This

I first heard this record when I was about 15. Courtney Love was often in the press for just being this bit of a mess, which is a bit of a shame because her records are really strong. They're also very empowering as a woman. I remember listening to this when I was younger and again, there weren't so many females that were strong in that way. That were sort of mad and shouting about it. This record also works great on a stereo system. You have to make sure your windows aren’t open when you're at the traffic light so that no one hears you singing along…

It's attention seeking, but it's got a point. It's not messing around, it's definitely an album that feels like it's stemmed from necessity. She needs to let this stuff out. It's not something that's just casually written.

It definitely wakes you up. It's got attitude. I feel like at the moment, there's a lot of music that just exists in the background. Maybe it's just the era of Spotify or everyone wanting their music to be put on an advert or TV show. With this you could have it on in the background, but you'd probably turn around and be like, what are you shouting about. You’d have to either listen to it and engage in it, or you'd have to turn it off.